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I disagree on the premise.  the iOS features are nuanced, but overwhelming. - widgets/extensions/services  (plowing through the sandbox walls... interactivity between apps) - Notifications Center becomes something not to ignore... it's your main screen now.  The rest of your apps just tell notifications center they need your attention. - Metal.  pretty much lays down a gaming engine that can take an AppleTV (yeah, that's an iOS system), and turn it into a serious gaming...
and lose the Metal interface?   There's a reason to 'code to the metal' Metal will be the real game development interface...  Swift will just make loading a Metalcall a one liner.
This topic (touchID kit) is exactly what they should have done.   And it portends that every device will eventually have touchID (even the 'consumer' phones/pads).   As soon as Ebay or Facebook or Starbucks build it it,  everyone will need it.
Education buys from June-Aug....summer time clearing the shelves.  Start with a lower price, later bundle with free stuff (excess inventory of iPods, printers, etc.).   And/or Apple wants to keep the surface 3 out of schools.  It may replace a MBair, but some parents may want to buy them because they think they know microsoft better than can learn iOS.   Dropping the price shows these prospective buyers the threshhold is lower (and we all know there are only 2 reason to...
It's negotiating on behalf of its stockholders.   The only reason customers exist is to pay stockholders. 
while I don't like the rumor... the gist of it is, Beats was Apple's entree' into the world of persons of color buying worldThat and entree' into all the music labels who loved Jimmy and Dre.  You can't sell (streaming) music if you don't got the music.So, the real question would be how many iPhones and sonds would need to be sold to the African American Market to recoup _3_000000000$and that answer would be about 10Million of each.  Or doubling a couple of low season...
An Unnamed Source quoted by the New York Post is your confirmation?  I've lost all respect in you... oh wait.  I had none.   never mind
and... won't Samsung have to deal with the prior art issues.   The Chicago Tribune/New York Times Syndicate own's the rights to the wrist phone.  
I agree... "Substantially different and better"... you're saying... Apple don't ship crap like this.
agreed.   If not follow better, at least leapfrog innovate.   So far, we got smaller 'phablets' (leading to the iPad Mini), and larger phones (purportedly leading to the iPhone 6H(uge) . It does the market good to have competent competition from at least 2 sides, as that drives innovation and customer value.   This is part of the reason Apple really doesn't care about selling the _MOST_ devices...  Even though it thought the competition was going to be RIMM and MS, I think...
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