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Apple's DNA is 'personal' computers.   My guess is they are driving back to their roots, and it's not a high or medium priority for them. This is one of those things you got to say 'no' to, so the 'yes' things are truly great.
 This is the case...Most people need 'computing on the run'  and/or  'computing on the run in lieu of my big honkin laptop that I'm required to use in most situations'   I'm still making due with 3.5 (personal) and 4" (work phone) screens, and a laptop (just the tethering capabilities of the iPhone make this extremely useful).   a 6+ would be pretty close, but given that I have a laptop requirement (I live in a Visio world), I'll likely go to a 6s and be happy as I bury my...
keen point... if a highly portable computer is what you want, the 6+ is the most portable (but not the most screen).my ipad2 hasn't left the house in a year, save for a couple extended vacations (where my wife and I share a laptop/ipad combo on the plane). Mini's will still exist (for those who don't want a phone)....  The product umbrella certainly looks like:iPodTouch 4"  - children/gamers who have a non-i Phone  (tbd phone 4") - I hold out that the iphone 'mini' will...
first off, I doubt he's your typical high pay analyst... he said it himself... he's an 'independent' analyst, vs 'dependent' analysts who have to feed to the stock buy/sell monster.   He doesn't get a commission or a bonus at the end of the year if his bank(ster)/equities firm makes a killing.  2nd.   when 80% of your unit sales is rooted in effectively 2.5 versions (s, non-s, and 'c') , the 's' 'non-s' cycles are meaningful.  Much moreso than what a tweet can  entail....
 it's the phone count.   the pumpers were talking 53+Million phones sold this quarter... this is '10% below expectation' (the analyst's... not Apple's)
Unlike TVs Cars have a) a shelf live, and b) obsolesence by use.   Most wealthy people turn their cars over every 2-6 years (unlike TVs that have a 10 year useful life in most living rooms). Somewhere between an iPhone and an iPad.  I don't see why apple would not want to get into this business?    And the car is the ultimate mobile device. The 'self driving car' at the one end, and the 'hands on driving machine at the other...  apple can stake the 'semi-autonomous...
I'm not.   I think the iPod is someone's love child, but it's short for this world.  I see this update (and I'm surprised with the A8, but that may tell more about long term retirement of A7... e.g. eliminating the 5s sooner) as a application level setter for gamers.  Other than in-App purchases, touchID is a minor hitch. The bigger question is whether Watch integrates seamlessly. 
Phil Schiller is crying because he couldn't meet your (and your likely cadre of <10,000 on your side of the line in the sand) requirements.
On the one hand, i agree but for slightly different reasons1) they have to maintain at least another year of the 5/5s form factor, to keep 4 year corporate/wholesale contracts valid.2) The 5c mfg process should be able to form fit everything a 6 has.... definitely a 5s 64bit is a big deal, and I would lean they run that route.
And with the watch, the smaller form factor need is even smaller for those who need to be 'cutting edge' as the flag ship... doubtful, but my guess is they will likely release a new 4" 6c or 7c (color, cheap) with  'last years' chipset.
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