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everywhere.   For a long time.   And this story has no AI legs.  Agree with Tallest Skil
At $199 a camera and the requirement of a high speed uplink internet connection that is always on... well, it's obvious that other on premise camera surveillance systems start to become more realistic in value ($300-$1300), once you get to 3 or more cameras. While HD is nice for detail, new 700p cams are now pretty inexpensive, and come with better IR, and getting on premise storage eliminates the uplink bottleneck (which most people don't have more than a MB of upstream...
 OR...  every analyst is wrong. The bottom line is the 5c is the 'wheeler-dealer' phone.  It allows deeper discounts and bundling without affecting profits as much.   It has the iPhone '5' cachet, at a lower price.  It's not meant to be the highest volume selling phone... it's meant to be the 'next phone' you'd think about if you don't have he money or the need for a 5s
Or the data was right for a brief moment in time.... it's the hyperbole that everyone else puts around it.  A supply chain bottleneck could be on a customs hold on a part, or container ship being routed 4 days out of harms way prior to a cyclone hitting the phillipines,  or a DHL truck got hijacked with 2 cajillion itty bitty diodes used in displays, or... maybe it was a yield issue due to bad batch/line, that got fixed ("Set the Dial to 10lbs/in^2, NOT 10KG/m^2!  This...
No... just current or recent past.   Never mind... I sort of answered my own question.... apparently you could not.
and all the other things in the 60s and 70s and 80s I didn't have military service but operated farm (everything from tractors with no mufflers, to grain driers, feed grinders, and the shrieks of castrated pigs ;-0 ),  and power equipment (chain saws, circular saws, etc etc), let alone 12 gauge shotguns from the age of 9 to 29.  'Muffs' were rare and often not as safe as not wearing them.
Scholarly Paper Link?  
 No problem here... My Mom knitted a set of very stretchy socks for all her kids, and her grandkids.   It would fit... box and all. That, plus me being the oldest in the family I got the biggest sock... it just looked good on the cardboard Xmax mantle going from oldest to youngest;-))
But the foot traffic increases....   You can't sell something in the store if someone doesn't walk in the store. That's the game plan folks.   Someone buys a MiniRD and tells 2 friends who tell 2 more friends... pretty soon, a whole bunch of iPad Airs and MacBook Airs are being bought on impulse at the retail store, along with a $50 iTunes Gift Card, and oh... lemmee look at that gold phone.... I'm sure the intent is that Apple's Retail Mavens want to make sure that people...
the 'conventional wisdom' is too always buy the biggest 'market' leader in a 'open' market.  They will have the resources to fix the problems, and then you can always move to the 2nd or 3rd place (Dell? Lenovo?) with a 'HP is in... but we want an alternative source,' to get a great deal and boot HP out.   It's a game we all loved to play back in the day. But... here the issue is Win8, which isn't crappy SW per se..., just a crappy experience on a tablet.  The crappy SW...
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