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I suspect it sooner (Chinese New Year), but otherwise I concur. most importantly, neither wants to bend, as it opens the door for all their other supplier/carriers to ask for the same concession.
I agree with blackbook on the shuffle being replaced by a wearable... as for a 1TB iPod Classic.. doubtful... if you figure it's at least a $400 bump from 160 to 1TB in Apple's portable storage pricing, that effectively puts the Touch higher in price than the current 5C with LTE and a couple years of iTunes Match. I think the real demise of the iPod will fundamentally be the precipitous drop in LTE connection pricing. Once you're always connected for $30 a month...
 IF they were hiding something they would keep it from samsung, but even they have 30-40% of this chip spend.   And you do realize that TSMC is the 800 lb gorilla when it comes to contract chip foundries, and Samsung is quickly catching up.  Intel is only about a 200lb gorilla in the ‘contract’ chip fab business (‘foundry model’)   Playing the devils advocate…. Intel wasn’t even in the contract Fab until this fall… so to answer your question… Apple wasn’t asking, because...
 at $500Billion Market Cap... 2% change is a great change at a more absolute scale.
it's small enough (and my foot big enough) to be a stocking stuffer;-)
 I think you’re asking the wrong question…   The right question is ‘What’s Apple’s fallback plan’…. Remember...a) Digitimes… at best they have half the story rightb) Apple is funding this. c) Apple is smart at this stuff.d) if the 14nm part is true... and diversification is truly part of apple's game... then the logical next question is 'who else is part of the 14nm supply stream to reduce Apple’s Risk on TSMC history of blown deadlines and quality issues?’   e) the only...
which is misleading in a iDevice Thread.
 All Depends... Amazon has the skies (hence google's feeling that's 'scary' technology), but I think Amazon will be called... "Sky Mall" This is more Geonesis Droid Manufacturing;-)
 I actually see these two related.... what happens when JayZ/Beyonce' et al start building out their own music 'channels' on iTunes Radio with a Cross over channel on AppleTV.   I've had teen age daughters... in their day if they could, they would watch a Beyonce' only channel  (Beiber... Jonas Brothers, Miley) all day long. Apple TV has the reach... iTunes (AppleIDs) have the CCs.   Think about all the iTunes Match accounts out there with kids slung off the account... and...
I don't know... when it comes to store sales, Piper and Munster are the actually on the ground monitoring sales.  Gene's problem is when he needs to extrapolate to world wide sales and costs.   I would take his view of  US physical store sales and inventory as pretty solid.  
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