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 The only reason I can think of is:   A major corp(carrier?)/gov't procurement contract requiring the exact same device dimensions and connections (30-pin) be available for retail for 3-4 years and supported by the OS/security upgrades and  parts for 5-7 years. It's why I think the 3GS and 4S have survived as long as they have.    the 3 is dead.  it would only be the 4, with the new lightning   If it's 3 years.. my guess there will be a iPad Air 'C' release next spring...
I'm also assuming that the button geometry will change (thinner)... and that will make a difference in a device that is way too thin as it is for the battery life it needs to drive
this. but my guess is they aren't committed to this button form factor yet.  especially if you're now down to micrometers of space tolerance in the chassis.   But it pushes back the 'iPad is for business'  marketing... any serious about privacy/security Business requires all mobile devices to authenticate every 15 (or less) minutes with 'strong passwords' (8+ chars).   TouchID would make that painless.
don't burn yourself with the soldering iron, but I am  waiting for your benchmark test release.  
err...  your comment basically says that you don't understand the scope of BBM. BBM is closer to iMessage than SMS.  Always encrypted and relatively reliable, and can have business controls put on top of it.  For corps this is a must have.  
If you are using an iPad in fairly casual situations... the mini is too small and the retina is overkill. I'm using an iPad 2 as my 'non-work' computer...  With my uncorrected vision (and red-green colorblindness, it works fine in display mode.   I'm lacking a bit of 'zip' that my wife's iPhone 5 has... so I'm seriously contemplating a new iPad (and reusing this iPad 2 as a universal remote and home automation control).
 apple didn't invent any technology or even any presentation of technology… it improved upon the current offerings, and/or made hard decisions ('de improved'… ala the 1 button mouse, removing all the expansion slots in laptops, not allowing flash or java on the iPhone, removing the mouse from 'tablets', etc.) that in the end, removed the enertia that was holding an entire industry back (is anyone lamenting the loss of flash on iOS?  is Android selling because of Flash, or...
Well, maybe they did, and the 'market' wants to punish Apple by:a) ignoring repeating those rumorsb) build up their own rumors of imminent deployment of retina mini, boosting prices.c) Short the stock immensely today on margin. (no serious player puts money into the market more than a couple days, if not a couple hours)d) wait until it's apparent apple isn't releasing a retina AND the market has some small buyers panic and selle) release the kraken and in 72 point font...
SIR Jonathan Ive to you...;) KBE and all that.
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