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it's small enough (and my foot big enough) to be a stocking stuffer;-)
 I think you’re asking the wrong question…   The right question is ‘What’s Apple’s fallback plan’…. Remember...a) Digitimes… at best they have half the story rightb) Apple is funding this. c) Apple is smart at this stuff.d) if the 14nm part is true... and diversification is truly part of apple's game... then the logical next question is 'who else is part of the 14nm supply stream to reduce Apple’s Risk on TSMC history of blown deadlines and quality issues?’   e) the only...
which is misleading in a iDevice Thread.
 All Depends... Amazon has the skies (hence google's feeling that's 'scary' technology), but I think Amazon will be called... "Sky Mall" This is more Geonesis Droid Manufacturing;-)
 I actually see these two related.... what happens when JayZ/Beyonce' et al start building out their own music 'channels' on iTunes Radio with a Cross over channel on AppleTV.   I've had teen age daughters... in their day if they could, they would watch a Beyonce' only channel  (Beiber... Jonas Brothers, Miley) all day long. Apple TV has the reach... iTunes (AppleIDs) have the CCs.   Think about all the iTunes Match accounts out there with kids slung off the account... and...
I don't know... when it comes to store sales, Piper and Munster are the actually on the ground monitoring sales.  Gene's problem is when he needs to extrapolate to world wide sales and costs.   I would take his view of  US physical store sales and inventory as pretty solid.  
 We need Oppenhiemer and Cook to adopt the Pinkman Practice of Business Principals "Yo... Here's our earnings report..... B*tches!!!!!"
Carrier/partner specific demand is probably a higher priority.  I'm curious if the factories 'batch' phones by carrier/nationality and/or Firmware config.  That would make QA easier  ("Okay, phones off the line XX after 23:44:59.99 GMT and before 23:59:59.99 are all SIMless phones destined for France.  QA check all HW and Firmware Config Settings for the 10 phones prior, 10 phones after each config swap and every 100th phone in between"). If there is a minimum batch (a...
where is 'here' and what flavor?  It could be a particular model and packaging combination.  (a CDMA/LTE phone sent to lower Elbonia waiting for the Elbonic translated box).
based on reports like above, I would think the fact that iPhone Inventory flies through a warehouse (literally for the 'accepted' scan and waiting for the outbound truck to the retailer)... sucking the dust off all the Samsung and Nexus phones in it's vortex.
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