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Welcome to Foreign Equity Markets.As little oversight that NASD and SEC, and DoJ have over US companies to prosecute  this sort of stuff,  over there, it's business as usual, if you pay off the right people.
that little 17W adaptor to power Car Play may not be be able to step down the 1.21 gigawatt power bus of that deLorean
agreed...   Better to just have a silent alarm mode that = locks the phone till password/touchid (even blocks turning it off as solisipsm noted[or fakes turning it off would be even better then only those people who are smart enough to put it into a soundproof faraday cage have a chance]),  = turns up the gains on WIFI(in promiscuous 'join any wifi that can connect me to apple.com' mode) and 4G radios= sets  max mic input gain, = sends out a 'I'm Lost or Stolen' to a...
your tinfoil is a bit tight on the noggin today;-) and is 'idiotics' sort of sci-fi speak? Parallel  to 'low functioning bipedal biologics?'
  actually, to make sure that everyone has access to it, you probably want to patent it to make sure no one else with evil intent does. 'CopyLeft'ing (at least the software) is even better... driving the market to submit all improvements back into the source 'right' so everyone can benefit from it.
sigh.  I wish they would come clean with the level of risk (was it a common salt?, no device pinning?, etc. etc.).   I read this as, 'we shortcutted and encrypt/hashed your passwords in a simple manner, instead of oneway hashing them in a computationally intense manner.'    Sad. [soapbox]Reading through the level of security Apple builds into iOS, it appears to be quite easy to add device pinning (only allow logins from prior successfully logged in iOS devices), and state...
Economies of Scale:  Do you say the same things when large corporations (intel) make chips for pennies and sell them to you for dollars, and small fabs make them for dollars and sell them for $10's of dollars, because only the scale of Intel can get the production price down. corporate ethics is quite simple:  make the largest  profit for the least amount of work(ing capital), and follow enough rules so you don't go to jail.   There is nothing wrong with reading the rules,...
I agree.   The end game was video content, and the end game of that end game is  AppleTV (or maybe "TVPlay" ;-)
'Internet' Search engine. ITMS and AppleTV has plenty of apple developed search engines.
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