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 "I would make it go to 11" - Nigel Tufnel 
you're just adding the TV... and in most [US] houses the cable modem is behind the TV... and this would then replace the massive cable box. I'm sure a lot of people said a tablet without a keyboard was too early.;-)
re: 2:  Because your phone and wrist aren't home all the time, and Internet sometimes goes down (hence a cloud solution ain't perfect) re: 3:  adding Siri costing money?.  A8 chips are probably less expensive than the current A5 chips (single purpose factory floor real estate being the most expensive thing).  Your phone is your new remote, and any new remote will be force touch anyway.   Your TV will be on, so the speakers are taken care of (or a $3 speaker that turns on...
One Word:   iMac. Right or Wrong, Apple is all about a single 'high value' product that solves your problem.   Anyone who has a micro Torx screwdriver is not Apple's Target Market.
bzzt.   Think Different. a TimeCapsule is much less a router than a storage server attached to your Wireless Access point... When your largest data consumer in your house is your 4K AppleTV, it may behoove you to have a (SSD) disk very near or in your AppleTV.  At that point, Why not make your AppleTV into your content Server(if I'm subscribed to Game of Thrones... it would be nice for it to be delivered and embargoed locally)/ backup server/Wireless Router.   I certainly...
you gotta get developers to develop to the new service.  If your timeline is an October launch of subscribable 'channels', you'll want a 2-3 months of hard core developer time to populate the 'channel store'     IF they announce... you'll probably see a current AppleTV app partner (e.g. HBO) showing the beta of how they will integrate with the amazing new subsystem.
 Addiction's a B!tch.     Once you can type at 40-60 words a minute on your crackberry,  you can't give it up.  (I know when I sit in front of a OpenVMS command line prompt, my fingers type commands and CLI shortcuts my brain has forgotten long ago.   I can't remember how to edit in TECO, but my fingers can just do it) And... I typically add running boards to my big-*ssed Hockey-Dad-Mobile, and depending on where you live, a hitching post is still required in front of the...
Hmm, I think you just proved their point, and mathematically your numbers show MS is being conservative.. 40 user sample3 watch users7.5%  7.5% of 500Million AppleID accounts (a 2013 number) would be... 37.5 Million.
In Soviet Russia, Music Services YOU!
 As I think @asymco wrote:  "The market for wrist wearables is potentially 2X the number of people in the world" (people (most of them) have 2 wrists).  So the market is 15B. The problem is the profitable price points, and finding a job to be solved at those price points.   Nike Fuels, and FitBits and Pebbles will niche it out, and people may in fact wear an Apple watch on one arm, and an alternative on the other (how many of us have tossed our laptop out for our...
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