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Don't blame Dynamite because some people make it into bombs, when it also is used to mine iron ore for your cars,toasters, bridges, re-bar, etc.    The watch is fine... but we need another classification for Apps (I freudianly typed 'ass' first) in the Appstore as 'Adware' and a rule in search/rules. There is a fine line between 'app aware' ads (I'm in the mall, and I spent the day searching for 'chocolate' and all of a sudden I get a 'BOGO Free at the Godiva Store 50 feet...
Agreed.   It has to do what your average Casio did.   the iPhone is still first and foremost a phone, yet the most popular computer as well.
I think the assumption of replacement is overblown... no where in the article was 'replacement' cycle mentioned.   I see growth by functional acceptance... just like smartphones grew by being a functional improvement over 'feature phones' that grew out of 'cell phones' that grew out of 'land lines.'     WilliamH hits it on the head.  Like the iPhone and iPad basically redefined the 'computer' market into demographics who wouldn't carry a laptop, but had a cell phone,...
The lunch room conversation about NK and 'The Interview' was if the U.S. really wanted to get regime change in North Korea, fly a few drone controlled C141s full of Big Macs and Coke over the DMZ and carpetbomb the people with  western decadentism. You know the aphorism, "There has never been a war between 2 countries that have a McDonald's Franshised located in them." 
I think our consumers may argue against China having 'Korea.'As would Japan/APAC allies. Not that I disagree with you, I'm just saying, we're buying a lot of geo-political alignments in South Korea.OTOH, South Korea is cutting their defense budget, but are 'paying' the U.S. $800MUSD for our military presence.Methinks we should taking the stand that if Samsung et al, want the protections of the U.S. military, they should pay top $$ for the privilege (make our expeditionary...
   This is the end game.   The issue isn't using apple pay for the rework process (pay the fine).  it's to make it painless to pay in the first place...Get out of car, walk to meter, wave phone/press TouchID, get 2 hours, walk away.  The real magic will be when you are able to get a receipt electronically, and renew from your home/office/restaurant.  (of  course that won't happen... the meters aren't profit makers... the fines are;-(  )
The 6/6+ target market are 55+  Teens 'buyers' will favor price over brand, especially if it's the one app (facebook/twitter/instagram/whatever) buying need.   Teen use of iPhones will go up, only because of parental handme downs (not teen buyers, but teen 'users').
it certainly seems that way. (via mind control...  looking at all the 'Just hurry up and Take My Money' posts;-) )But it appears they are on the brink of making 20MM a month (granted there may be a few million iPhone 5s's in that mix). 30MM is a likely goal for next year;-)  Now... a bit of simple math. With a billion plus smartphones.  Let's assume 12M is 1% of all smartphones.  My guess Apple is building 12M 6's a MONTH.   Every month you're turning over 1% of the smart...
for the first time, my corporate procurement is purchasing iPhones as their std in house phone.   I'm now the proud carrier of a personal iPhone6, and a corporate 5s, both bought this quarter  #DeepBigFullPocketsofiPhone
My guess it was lost in currency conversion;-) 
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