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  decisions that made them feel confident?  how is that different than a strategy?   1) anyone who feels they can have one position running for governor, then another as governor, then another in the primaries and 'etch a sketch' a position for the general election is 'self serving'  It's all about getting elected.   2)  Then why is how he got rich a 'secret?'   I'd like to see 10 years of tax returns please.   Otherwise they are pandering to the 'club' of how wealth is...
agreed.  I spent parts of 2 days (about 6 hours) with Steve and maybe 12 industry people discussing medical applications on NeXT in the early 90's.  He was both engaged and engaging, honestly trying to 'learn' the problems of medicine.   Not once did he tell any of us we had 'stupid ideas,' and while he bopped in and out, it was more along the lines of a CEO who was running a startup, where these visitors were his main marketing focus (high end industry that hadn't yet...
Oh, just do it yourself   http://www.macrumors.com/2011/08/12/ifixit-offers-kit-to-install-2nd-hard-drive-in-2011-mac-mini/   to quote MacRumors: "the install isn't for the faint of heart, though iFixit does include suction cups to pull the glass off."   Again, at SATAII speeds, I don't know if it's really that much value over a 7200 or 10K rpm SATA II drive.
FW800 with internal SSD?  The problem is putting the SSD in the darn system...   The limiting speed factor is less the external connection, but the fact your iMac is probably SATA II and not SATA III speeds for the internal drive bay therefore the SSD as quick (you may be 2X as fast, but not a 15Second boot;-)   Since this is in the SW now, I'd be curious if anyone has built up a MacPro with a 'Fusion' configuration.
  For the 'common folk'  I concur.   While I respect starbucks the company, I can't for the life of me walk in an buy their wares.   If you want to sell iP*, Passport should be at grocery/Target/Walmart.  Ideally, scan once and all coupons collected are automagically tallied for whats in your cart, and any gift cards can be referenced as well.    Big holiday shopping promo... buy an iOS device, and get a $50 Target  / BestBuy  passport coupon....  instant lock in.
and of course, it was the loss of people like you that likely spurred ATT to act.
agreed.   but the problem was/is 'benefits'   Used to be for every dollar you paid in salary of putting a car together in your average GM plant, you also paid a dollar in benefits, most of which was paying pensions and healthcare for retired employees of the GM lines.   With the current switch to 401Ks and defined benefit plans, and healthcare benefits cut way back, it's not as bad... however, it's still a burden and add on top of that payroll taxes and and workmans comp,...
Anything you can do, I can do, better.     I can do anything better than you.   No you can't   Yes I can.   No you can't   Yes I can.....     Personally, Microsoft has to go all in at this point.  If Apple/Android/Amazon identify a niche, microsoft has to try to establish a beachhead, in order to prove to shareholders they are competing (not necessarily  competitive) on all form factors.   The question is, will this cannabalize their xBox line?
  No, there is too much... Let me sum up:   Grand Central.
for you maybe, but not for the typical (read: most) Apple Macbook (Air) users.   Intel never had the best pure performance, just the best pricing model given the WinTel duopoly, and the ability to deliver in quantity.
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