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 Hence the 5c… with lower manufacturing costs, Apple is more willing to share more profits, allowing carriers (and non-contract vendors) to play a bit with the Retail price.
 I'm always curious how that can work when China Mobile uses TDS-CDMA, which no iPhone supports (the TD-LTE channels are enabled Phone 5c and 5s, but I see nothing in the current skus that shows TDS-CDMA)? [UPDATE:   Okay, Okay, and iPhone 5 can be jailbroken to turn on TDS-CDMA… I caught that after the fact….  That said, that's hardly the market Apple wants to sell to]
 I'm getting about the same, but I've been doing a lot of maps and google and clinometer work (great app).  If I wasn't using them, I think my 4s is running about the same. My biggest issue is the animation on my 4s appears a bit sluggish, typically in getting off the lock screen, as well as navigating in safari and mail.
a 1.29 GByte download to fix 2 things my 4s? Thinking of all the electrons being killed to send this down the inter tubes…. ;-) ;-)
 Apple TV is a bit more of a competitor (movie rentals) to DirectTV than PS3. I agree they can.   Still need to pay DirectTV rates.    The gold standard will be when the NFL allows you to spend $5 a single game to watch whatever team you want to watch on Apple TV.   I'm hoping that when the NFL sunday ticket is rewritten, the NFL network builds an App for that, puts it on AppleTV and the iPad.   To suck up the revenue it can get for the 'single ticket' customer, plus...
 I 'want' them… because I occasionally have guests that do have license to watch them… I just don't want them in my top 8.   And I'm assuming there will be folders pretty soon;-)
 because none of the content owners want to piss off their current major cash cows network and cable partners.     Using the NFL as an example… it ain't gonna piss off it's network partners…   It's getting a billion a year from Direct TV and a billion each from Fox, CBS and NBC… and 2 Billion from ESPN.  And a ton of money for the NFL network.   So to replace DirectTV you'll need to 'prevent' people from not watching your feed when they could be watching one of the others...
Or, someone expects an elevated game of techno sarcasm and was woefully disappointed;-)
 Direct TV has the contract for that now (NFL Sunday Ticket) and it would be the one that Apple would need to pry into… the 2015 contract is under negotiation now…. but the NFL thinks it's worth more than the market currently bears (DirectTV lost money on it over the last 3 years, paying a BILLION dollars a year for the privilege).  So, the question is who is willing to loss lead with the NFL.   Given terrestrial Internet in the US, I doubt that AppleTV will do better than...
 after the last update, I just moved all the stuff I don't care about  'below the fold.'  Out of sight, out of mind.  Is that so hard?
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