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  I thought these people were looking at Win8 conversion costs and then running off their roof.  
The Tension is that if Apple doesn't control the end device, it can't be judge jury and executioner on abuses (send kill code... now. buh bye.), all the open sourcing the 'juicy bits' of authentication just exposes their walled garden, and allows someone else to make something at good.   I don't like apple baiting and switching on the open source stuff, but in reality, there is no logical market for this.  Skype controls the low end, and I don't think Apple wants...
  Sprint has to move phones... they bet the farm to sell 8Million Phones a year.  I'm sure their channel management says they need to sell what's on the shelf now and not eat the difference when the price shifts.   Uninformed, or unable to wait... there are large percentage of phones lost, stolen, broken.  And there is the 'hand me down' factor that occurs when child about to go off to school.  
  modestly at 5phones/10GB as well as at 2/6.   I've got 4s smartphones on my plan and one dumb phone (and a wifi ipad), with about 5.4GB of monthly data (I've got an unlimited plan, and I get throttled at 3GB, and my 2 200MB plans occasionally incurr a $15 charge) over the 4 phones plus family text.   At  700 minutes (and a lot of old roll-over) I'm at  $243.   A new plan would put me at $260.  BUT... for just $10 more, I get 10GB.  I can only imagine my consumption if I...
  USB Connect:  
but in reality... having an email stating someone used a 7" Samsung tablet and perceived there was going to be a market at that size.   That's considered 'copying' a device?      Honda:  "I've driven a Ford Explorer, and I think people will buy them, Let's Build a Honda Pilot..." (Ford:  "You owe us Royalties... we've patented the general size category"   Seems a ludicrous argument.
my wife says I have the patent on 7" devices....     Tip your waitresses... I'm here all week.
this.   Mine Late 2008 MB unibody was quite overwhelmed by the Spotlight work... now it's pretty normal, other than marked improvements in waking from sleep, reboots, relogins and wifi performance.   I'm happy with .0.  enough so that I'm upgrading the desktop Mac Mini tonight.
Yes, Daniel... I've been  missing your in depth analyses, as well as your roughlydrafted commentary.  I'm glad your back (with a vengence!)
agreed.   Unless it's something Apple can show 'improves the experience' they won't use it as a marketing lead.  Retina Display, 3G, Siri. Camera, battery life, Video, iPhoto, Calendar... all are things you 'use' on the phone.  You never heard them advertising the 'external antenna' (thank god... that would have been a major backfire), or the A5 Chip, or the GB of storage, or the 11N wireless... those are invisible.   Sight, sound, interaction, response, size (small) ......
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