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  For one thing... Push notification is a nice to have in an iMAP environment.  For most (90%) of iOS users, push vs poll is a 'why do I care?' question.  And for ha've of the remaining 10%, it's 'I do know why to care, and I choose not to'   Yes, that remaining 5% is a big number, when you approach 500Million users, and it equates to the do business by the second sorts who grew up with BES sync or android phones and switched.   Most of the rest... I love the fact that...
yes, please.
eventually, the Kindle will go to zero cost... like the chrome book... And remember.... if you're not paying, you're not the customer... you're the product.
  It's ecosystem.... it's not about innovative features... it's how it ties into 'your' life.   I see some promise in the Samsung vision... although it's just the same vision Apple has without Apple 'doing it all' (re: app store... Samsung is integrating everything into the samsung ecosystem... I'm surprised samsung washing machines weren't linke via the phone so you can watch what cycle your cloths are on).   3D, laser keyboards futuristic sh*t is not what people want......
so... when you sell a Galaxy 4 to someone to go buy a new Phone... are you selling your 'soul'?
The lawyers agreed to disagree... this is just a paycheck for the lawyers on both sides to whittle down the .10USD (guess) per iDevice Royalty, to .001USD (apple's through away 'offer' [they want free]).  My guess THX  will settle somewhere around 1-3 cents per unit (upwards of what... $200K per year, and soon approach $1M... and setting the case for all these other tablet/iphone manufacturers), and The lawyers about 250KUSD per side if it goes to court.
  Not really appropriate...   It's always relative only to the 'current market'   It's like saying the Musk's Tesla is doing great compared to the original electric car released by Nicholas Tesla in 1918.   In a market where  58M cars were sold and  GM sold 9 million cars.    Is Tesla defining the market?  Not yet.
Queue up the "Microsoft's Tablet Growth is a 'Rounding Error' compared to Apple's iPad Market" in 3... 2... 1... see: http://appleinsider.com/articles/09/07/31/steve_ballmer_calls_apples_mac_growth_a_rounding_error
I see this as the (speculative) new prosumer platform pattern:   iMac base then for more glass   The iMac and Cinema Display and TB in a VESA Frame.   then for more compute  more glass  The iMac + Thunderbolt + GrandCentral + 2nd iMac in a VESA Frame = Extensible compute/visualizaion cluster.   Then for even more   add a 3rd/4th iMac (wall of glass) or more compute less glass   add a Mac Mini via TB   or a MBPro/Air (with icloudish sync of disks/folders)     Mount this to...
Sounds like you just want to call/classify them what you want, when they want to call/classify themselves something else that has specific meaning(s) to them. Example:  Teacher: Ice... Assa...  Aye-sah...   Student (named Aissa):  Ah-EE-sa:  Teacher:  I'll call you Sissy, that's more American.   Personally, I don't care if they call themselves WarFighters, WellTrainedOrganizedStateAssassins or...
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