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I played with the ipad pro at best buy the other day. Hated it! So light it felt flimsy and cheap. And I was not wowed by the screen. I'll get the iPad mini 4 instead.
But I thought Apple was going down in a blaze of fire! Just shows you how the markets are rigged like the crisis that fu*** us up back in 2007.
I hate the new ad. The lady sounds like an effing douche.
I want a retina display macbook air with 8 gigs of ram and half a tera byte of hd stocked with an i7 2.4 ghz chip(before turbo boost kicks in). Period. I want it now!!
The screen will still crack if you drop it face down. You don't see that test on Apple's site.They bend it, drop it on its SIDE. Please.
Complete BS! The suckers have been suckered again.
Nike should also be sued for all their suspect shoe technology.
Hold on to it! Because the good times don't last forever!
What a stupid a** review. The guy is writing for the sake of just putting something on web. When apple went hard drive-less this same type of write up was done. That was a few years ago. guess what? Ain't nobody died because the HD is gone. We down load all out stuff. I saw and used the new macbook at the new Apple store on Miami Beach. Awesome! Just know what you need and buy accordingly. That's what I was taught.
New Posts  All Forums: