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This woman needs to go. Long a** lines for an Apple product is classic and it serves as one of the greatest pices of advertising there is. At then end of the day Apple and their customer base will be very happy.
As much as went crazy when the new macbook was released last week, I was disappointed at the specks. 480p front facing camera and that weak a** chip. Kiss my a**! Now, when they finally(hopefully) throw a retina display inside the goddamn airs, then we be talking.
Why are we being subjected to yet another Jobs bio. The guy was a sells man. Woz did all the damn technical work in the early years. Woz actually created the first Apple at HP. A pc they rejected! He was the REAL WIZKID! But today it's all about God Steve. You Job zealots should be happy Woz doesn't step up and demand his props. That would really deflate the Jobs as Messiah ideal.
LOL! Have we not seen these comparisons before! Those new MacBooks will be running out the door faster than a Nissan GTR on steroids. I can't wait to get mine.
Despite potentially weak sales? OMFG! Who writes sh** like that. That notebook will be a smash! And no worries about the usb-c. People will snap up the f**** dock stations like a crash addict in a crack store. LOL!
Cause it sucks!
LOL! They should get a crowd to knock them straight off the market. With bats and crow bars no less.
Ain't surprised! We old Apple heads still remember using Apple classics with Claris works and doing physics experiments. Unbelievable even today how freaking awesome that experience was. All their swag works like advertised. Huh, but look at those clowns at MS. Windows 8 with no goddamn drivers for the effing CD player? Chaotic uses experience. Now jimbo(ballmer) is gone and that new clown is helming ms with his bs guru theology. Staring into f**** space with his hands...
But analyst wanted $67.69001 billion! At the end of the day, it still ain't enough for those greedy mofos on Wall Street. Ain't never enough! God help us all.
The fact that their product is even on the market sucks!
New Posts  All Forums: