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Oh damn! Oh no he didn't! Well, with that rumored declaration I would like to say goodbye to Casio 's G-Shock. It was good while it lasted. All hell bout to brake loose next week!!!
Whatever! Besides what would you expect. A product can only go so far. That's why these tech folks add new stuff to the stuff but even that becomes a joke. Soon last decades tech swag is as good as last week's tech swag. Sorry bit I ain't buying a new freaking iPad every six months.
He never made me want to own a pc.
I didn't even bother to watch it.  What I want to see are kids using the iPads is awesome ways. 
MS never fails to fail! They use the surface aka tablet moniker knowing full well that that are selling a full fledge laptop and not a true tablet. But to the untrained geek, what they see is a tablet(wink wink) goIng against a full fledge laptop when in fact it's a goddamn full fledge laptop disguised as a tablet(hence the use of the term SURFACE). Sorry MS but you just got busted.
Who wrote the comments made by those school officials? MS.
Hey Meg, get that parachute ready . Your time is up in 10-9-8...
They should have had children using the damn thing doing what children do. Exploring! And I have to agree, that effing music sucked balls all day. Who approved that fu***** thing!
Lets be honest, Apple didn't need the fun**** ad to sell the air. It is an amazing lap top. Hell, the 13 air inch has a 1440*900 display! My throw-back, swivel neck imac 17 inch(RIP) had the same resolution. Damn! BTW, I have Loony Toons, Hulk and Iron Man stickers on my 13 air.
Nice. My iPhone 5 dropped causing a tiny chip on the lower left of the screen. I'll get that puppy repaired soon.
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