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Haters will hate. Apple has disrupted an entire tech industry with the iPad and they can't find a fu**ing way out the mess. Apple forces other player's business model to get fu**ed. Are you buying a new pc every 4 to 5 months like we did back in the days? Hell to the effing no! And the notion Apple can't survive without Jobs is hilarious. Apple has become self aware of who it is and what it does and what should matter. IMHO!
First up we are well aware that the iPhone 5c is just the regular iPhone 5 but with colors. Ok, so you buy an iPhone 5s instead of a 5c. Um, how is Apple losing? They ain't!
Bet you a competitor is behind this bogus lawsuit.
Who didn't see the writing on the wall. RS is a played out business model. With ebay and Amazon who the hell needs them. They suck anyhow with their sorry ass employees. Hahahaha! Take the middle fingers clowns.
Not a few miles but 80 damn miles. Lol! Floating barge retail store? You have got to be kidding me!!
This is awesome but unless you code your program to use those cores they simply don't mean jack sh**! However, if you do create a program that uses all those cores expect to tax the hell out of that battery. IMHO. What do I know.
Long a** article about nothing! That equals: SLOW NEWS DAY!!!!!
Seriously, why the hell would you pay that much goddamn money for an effing app that can be easily reversed engineered and recreated? LOL!
The fed is behind this bull****. FB could just copy the app but noooooooo.... They are shelling out 4 billion big ones for one of thousands of millennial crap apps. Suckas!
We aint stupid! This is a viral campaign for that idiot. He is obviously milking this for all its worth. Screw him!
New Posts  All Forums: