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Fot those who say Apple should have bought Nest...Get real! Apple could create a smart thermostat in its sleep that would open up a can of whip a** on Nest. IMHO, I felt Google bought this company for the hype. It looks good I guess to Wall Street and investors. But lets be real, you really think Google will make its money back on that thing? They could have gotten an OEM in Korea to make them a knock off for far less.
It amazes me how some of you are so confused by this. The in app purchase gimmick is rampent and sick. The app maker make a watered down product and then ask you to add on to it, at a price, to make it the way it should have been at time of download. FREE ain't always FREE. Angry Birds is one game in particular that does this sh**. You notice that as you progress through AB the physics changes.HMMM. At 45 degrees I should get max distance all the time , huh. Yeah right....
For us that know what's really up with Apple this is common. Apple is an engineering company at its very heart! PERIOD! When Apple does something, back the f*** up b**** cause Apple ain't playing!!!! Pebble, that bs from Samsung can all take a long walk off a short pier. iWatch will cut the heads off of so many traditional watches. Watch the folks at Casio have a CEO shake up. Just like the iPhone 1st gen destroyed everything in Nokia's bag of gimmicks(like 400 plus damn...
The wearable biz is going to be the laughing stock of the consumer sphere. I can't wait to read the list of bs products that entered this idiotic arena and bombed! Although Apple will most likely kill them all and sell billions in this markets. iRing? GTFO! LOL!
That crap will end up in the $9.99 bin at Best Buy soon enough. Pebble is trying their best to make us believe that sh** is the holy grail.
And it will get even smaller. So tell MS to get ready for hell! Oh and I was in Best Buy the other day and saw those chrome books. OMFG! What pieces of stinking piles of horse sh**! Cheap build quality to the nth degree. It is a goddamn gimmick by those clown at Google. You are essentially paying $300.00 for Google's search engine. Period. But hey, it helps get that stock(over valued IMHO) up.
Oh no! The iwatch is doomed!!!! Give me a break!
Nokia you make me sick. iOS7 hurt Here's user experience? Really? So why didn't you clowns update that b**** like a boss. Oh, cause you can't do software!!!!!!!!!!!
Another overpriced wireless speaker.
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