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That's one of the most asinine commercials I have seen in years. And the guy looks like some goddamn corporate humanoid. FAIL!!
This is a joke. You cannot increase the pixel on your phone with those lenses. Sorry suckers!!!!! If your phone sees 5 mega pixels and you try placing a 20 mega pixel lens over your phone's CCD will only see, wait for it, 5 mega pixels.
As esquared mentioned, with Windows on ALL pcs this comparison is literally apple and oranges.
What a joke. Goggle is just throwing its disposable money around. Seriously, do you think that sh** will make them their money back?Their investors are so screwed.
Apple TV. The tv we know is just around the corner.
Ballmer is worth like 15 billion. So please don't shed any tears for this guy.
LOL! This just goes to show you that you must take everything your hear with a grain of salt. I remember this and how the MS zealots just high fived that a-holes' every word. Now look at him.
I didn't see he movie and I won't see the movie. Steve was virtually private as well as what Apple did behind the scenes. This movies seemed to take the highs and lows of Apple and just filter it until there was just Jobs! Moreover this movie looks like a freaking vanity piece for Ashton. I corny a**, overthetop Hollywood fluff piece for a for a former male run way model. He's cool though. I like him and he killed it in the the Butterfly Effect.
Woz was the one that made the damn Apple at HP. Steve wasn't a freaking engineer. But we all know Steve takes all he credit. He was the face, heart and soul of Apple by PR design. Even Sir Ives is seen as the heart of Apple's design but he has a VICE in front of his title. Who is the BIG DADDY of design there? Huh.
Apple is the only tech company that can play it slow( that is release new swag yearly) and still whoop that a**!!! Besides the tech Apple has pretty much spells out the mode of operation of humans. *speaking *interaction * listening The iPad/ iPhone covers all that. Now, what Tim could do is recreate social. Apple is well poised to bring a new level of social to the people. IMHO
New Posts  All Forums: