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And it will get even smaller. So tell MS to get ready for hell! Oh and I was in Best Buy the other day and saw those chrome books. OMFG! What pieces of stinking piles of horse sh**! Cheap build quality to the nth degree. It is a goddamn gimmick by those clown at Google. You are essentially paying $300.00 for Google's search engine. Period. But hey, it helps get that stock(over valued IMHO) up.
Oh no! The iwatch is doomed!!!! Give me a break!
Nokia you make me sick. iOS7 hurt Here's user experience? Really? So why didn't you clowns update that b**** like a boss. Oh, cause you can't do software!!!!!!!!!!!
Another overpriced wireless speaker.
Android+robot=fragbot. Them clowns at Google are having a field day justifying that $1000 a share stock.
I can't wait for the Mac Pro un-boxings. Drool baby drool!!!
This guy was always about the numbers not the experience. Windows 8 for instance is a turd. No plug-in for video playback? It is a messed up user experience to the nth degree.
Over priced junk. The goddamn tablet stylus business is a rip off. I can buy a dozen, medium tipped Parker brother pens for literally a few bucks. Awesome pens! But a freaking stylus even in TJ Maxx is costing $9. Kiss my.....
Carl can go off himself. Apple would be a fool to let this go Icahn's way.
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