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Android+robot=fragbot. Them clowns at Google are having a field day justifying that $1000 a share stock.
I can't wait for the Mac Pro un-boxings. Drool baby drool!!!
This guy was always about the numbers not the experience. Windows 8 for instance is a turd. No plug-in for video playback? It is a messed up user experience to the nth degree.
Over priced junk. The goddamn tablet stylus business is a rip off. I can buy a dozen, medium tipped Parker brother pens for literally a few bucks. Awesome pens! But a freaking stylus even in TJ Maxx is costing $9. Kiss my.....
Carl can go off himself. Apple would be a fool to let this go Icahn's way.
Android is pathetic and it served as the os for all those cheap ass black Friday $49.99 tablets Best Buy had tossed into those big ole plastic grab and go(suckers) containers.
Those a** clowns didn't even bundle a codec into w8 in order to play DVDs. That strategic blunder just makes me want to spit in their face.
Another over priced POS. Same technology in every speaker. Price starts out high, the early adopters scoop them up, sales flatten, price goes down and the maker then introduces the same effing speaker with only a design change. And the whole flipping process starts over agin.
As one commenter said, they should have gotten iPads. Case closed. HP just buys the parts and then throws their name on sh**! The pc has 5000 patents all owned by MS so the pc is literally a MS universe and MS can't make money on pcs unless them POS break up periodically. Planned obsolescence. I go to FIU here in Florida and everywhere there is a pc there is a f****** problem. Always. BS is always down for some effing reason. On the other hand everywhere there is an Apple...
New Posts  All Forums: