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Who the hell cares!!!! Apple is making money hand over fist.
Wow! If I was an investor I'd call for the firing of all top management at MS, ASAP. I'd go on CNBC and raise hell like Hades! What a fu****** disgusting, tacky, useless POS ad. OMFG!
Dumb a**es! The finger print sensor should have been a build to order option. Now watch some father file a class action law suit against Apple claiming that his daughter was hauling ass from a wild pack of zombies and tried calling to cops while cornered, but the freaking sensor wouldn't pick up her print.. Now the father has to keep his child, who was bitten, in a goddamn cage cause she'e infected, doesn't know him anymore; yet he can't let go. Great move Tim!
This is a game people. These fools know damn well those iPhone Cs will fly off the shelves this holiday season.
It's just another gimmick by tired a** Sony to get people to buy. Seriously, why would I want to break the novelty of using a potable to play it on a damn television? LOL! Why the hell would a Vita/PS owner shell out cash for this crap. Get the hell out my face!
Here's what the article didn't mention. Apple can get away with releasing one type of high profile product per year. Nobody else in the game can do that. Apple has that type of pedigree . MS bought Nokia, what a joke. What will MS do with all that tech glut over at Nokia? LOL! Nokia has too many models IMHO and changing that will mean pissing off a lot of employees. You can get an iPhone 4s for free with a two year contract and it as you know it blows the entire Nokia...
It could be um a slimmed down version of the Apple II e?
That's one of the most asinine commercials I have seen in years. And the guy looks like some goddamn corporate humanoid. FAIL!!
This is a joke. You cannot increase the pixel on your phone with those lenses. Sorry suckers!!!!! If your phone sees 5 mega pixels and you try placing a 20 mega pixel lens over your phone's CCD will only see, wait for it, 5 mega pixels.
As esquared mentioned, with Windows on ALL pcs this comparison is literally apple and oranges.
New Posts  All Forums: