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well doesn't this happen when your stuff reaches a saturation point? Duh. There are just so many people that are going to but  the iPad.
BB's claim to fame was the integration of the cellphone and the Internet. Great! But it was their only hit. BB hasn't done jack since then.
Apples shares can go up and down independent of the cash they bring in. The stock price is purely manipulated by the boys on Wall Street. They make revenue markers and hopes Apple can cross THIER FINISHING LINE. And when Apple doesn't meet their BS, they drop their stock prince. LOL! In January Apple posted the greatest quarter in Apple history; yet the stock price still went down!!! There needs to be an investigation because the speculators are stealing money from...
I don't believe a darn thing in this article. Must be a slow news day.
If Apple needed a cheap phone they would have introduced a cheap a** phone from the jump. This article just reflects what the guys on Wall Street want. They want a cheapo iPhone so they can move the stock up as a cheap iPhone sells. But who said the low end market needs Apple? The low end market always had cheap phones. And what will the analyst say once a saturate cheapo iPhone stalls in sales? Give the phone an expiration date like milk?
You're right. They are all over this so-called smart watch thing. And if Apple drops their smart watch the rest will follow. The we'll have the so-called smart watch showdown. You fill in the narrative on that one. Oy vey!
Hell, I went to a seance last night and my dead mama said she was working on a smart watch too. Damn mama! Rest in peace girl!
A lower cost Iphone makes no sense. The so called emerging markets are already flooded with low cost phones that are soooo cheap they are disposable. Remember them cheap a** flip phones? They still around folks. If Apple goes down that road it will cheapen the brand. The Analyst envision a cheap iPhone moving Apple's stock. And that's the trick. Get a cheap a** iPhone, predict it will sell x amount of millions in units and use that to jack up the stock. Then what do you...
What a bs story. What sort of development issues are they talking about? Yeah, none!
Who cares. HTC overdid it. Too many phones during a small period of time. Now they don't seem to know what to do. A bigger screen maybe.
New Posts  All Forums: