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Another man made POS for the captive audience of sheep in America. History won't be kind to this bull****.
Who wrote this fluff piece?
I'm splurging on the 128 gig retina mini for christmas. Hell the f**** yeah!!!!!!
ThIs just goes to show you the fu**** up psyche of MS' management. How many of you get that high when you open up Numbers and are able to make a spread sheet within seconds? Screw MS.
Where did his bull**** come from. And will this revelation have anything to do with Apple's money? Hell no! And of course this is just someone's attempt at manipulating Apple's stock. Lol. Apple has huge profit margins. They don't do cheap. What type of tablets were sold?$ A $49 POS running Android 1.5. you could get with a Black Friday purchase of $100 or more. OMFG! Slow Monday ain't it!
I remember when the original iPod came out. Interestingly, analyst thought Apple was going to compete with Palm with a hand held device. And that a** clown Ballmer scolded Apple for such an expensive device. LOL!!!!!! And in 2007 Ballmer did the same thing when iPhone came out. What does that tell you so far about Ballmer's tech creed? He ain't got none! Oh he tripped about iPad in 2010? Ballmer ain't sh**!!!!!!!!!!
Every refresh cycle mean less and less people buying BB. The company has no aces up its sleeve. They were a one hit wonder with their internet jog dial. I heard their corporate security is awesome but who can't copy that. BB is going to go the way of Palm. Go to wikipedia and search for Palm. You'll be left in dead silence. Sold off to HP then buried. I say buy as many different BB phones, the old ones to and keep them. Maybe they'll be collector items one day. Keep the...
Um, the mega pixels on those lenses are going to waste. The Apple sensor is 5-8 mega pixels. So what makes you think that a 20 mega pixel external lens will translate into a 20 mega pixel image when the sensor on the IPhone is less than 20 mega pixels? A sucker is born every minute!
32 gigs and up is the way to go. I'm getting the 128 gig ipad air for Xmas when my peeps from way back send me my $500.00. And I'll be getting the retina ipad mini as well. I'll have all the money. Believe that!!!
I wonder how many MS employees were told to come on here and talk sh**.
New Posts  All Forums: