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Greater interoperability with the Xbox and window phone???! Seriously?! MS is a fragmented behemoth. It takes 20 goddamn people to screw in one light bulb over at MS. But at the end of the day this is nothing more than smoke and mirrors for Wall Street. MS can't afford to streamline. Its money is made by keeping us in the loop.
Ok, tell me why the hell should Apple enter the market with a cheap iPhone when the the 4s is now going for $39 with a two year contract at Walmart? Keep building the goddamn 4s. Duh!
Sony, are you listening to what the rock is saying! Adios because all hell is about to break the f*** loose up in this b****! I hope we get monster hunters for Apple. OMFG! Nintendo, see ya baby! It was fun while it lasted.
When I see the new MacPro in the store I will rub my hands all over that SOB!
so the way to win is for Ballmer to create a race to the bottom. LOL! So take a crap Win 8, slash the "pimp fee" and watch sales soar even though the product is garbage. I can't stop laughing!!
Wall Street=greed They want Apple to shell out a cheapo iPhone just so they can create their predictions on the number that will sell and therefore raise the stock prices. Then they'll over speculate on the number that can be sold and when Apple has their quarterly report and the numbers don't add up.... BOOM! The stock drops and the suckers that bought at the top get fu****!
What we are really hungry for is a MBA with a retina display. That would be the ultimate notebook of all time!!!!! You know this and I know this. Hell, I think if such a machine dropped it would kill the pro line. Apple ain't stupid. But what I do know is that when the iPad mini gets its retina display all hell is gong to break loose up in this bi***.
LOL! Back in January Apple posted the greatest quarter of its existence; yet their stock price still fell. How could that be? Go ask Lloyd Blankfein from Goldy Sachs aka Arthur Jenssen from NETWORK. LOL! And the reason nobody is touching this, as far as I can see, is because this BS is at the heart of America's economic system. It's a ponzi scheme through and through.The folks at the top got their cut, crashed the stock and cleaned up. What happened to the money you put in...
Why is this news?
I think we in the Mac community know damn well that a retina display MBA is the holy grail of computers. As well as a retina display iPad mini.  Apple knows this and Wall Street knows this. All hell is going to break loose  soon enough and I can't wait!!!!!!
New Posts  All Forums: