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Um, the mega pixels on those lenses are going to waste. The Apple sensor is 5-8 mega pixels. So what makes you think that a 20 mega pixel external lens will translate into a 20 mega pixel image when the sensor on the IPhone is less than 20 mega pixels? A sucker is born every minute!
32 gigs and up is the way to go. I'm getting the 128 gig ipad air for Xmas when my peeps from way back send me my $500.00. And I'll be getting the retina ipad mini as well. I'll have all the money. Believe that!!!
I wonder how many MS employees were told to come on here and talk sh**.
How the hell did they get up to snuff with Apple that fast? LOL!
Screw JD P&A. They are a well padded organization.
Give me a break. Some people by Mercedes and some buy Toyotas. Apple can't have all the market. And I know these types of write ups are meant to screw the Apple stock. It is so damn obvious.
Of course it's iPhone because that seems to be the only phone on the market.
It's all over, for the rest, when Apple enters this market. But just wait for thoses smart watch showdowns/beatdowns! It's about to get crazy!
Unless Apple makes the iMac a POS like the pc people will hold on to it for dear life. Hell I had my flower power iMac from mid 2001 to 2008. Never a problem. Never a goddamn virus.
Why does it have to be what Wall Street wants? That is the problem. They speculate on what should be and if the numbers don't pan out Wall Street starts talking about regime change and other BS. It is about consumers. They are the ones that have put 147 billion CASH in Apple's bank accounts. Not the Wall Street pimps. Interestingly, the consumers can be seen as a printing press due their spending. Conversely WS doesn't have a goddamn printing press. But they constantly...
New Posts  All Forums: