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Who cares. HTC overdid it. Too many phones during a small period of time. Now they don't seem to know what to do. A bigger screen maybe.
To who? Tell me that. Weak message? Weak my a**! Apple is doing , and what a lot of us already know and that is they are going slow as to not screw up the iPhone brand.
Anything to make investors nervous. I swear Appleinsider has become a troll site by the very folks that run it. Apple is high end baby and it sells and if you can't afford one then do what rationale folks do and save your damn money until you can afford one.
slow news day, huh.
That roadmap looks like a portion of an intro to an early 80's tech show.
BS! They are just clearing out the crap screen models. Apple will update the MBP w/ retina displays shortly with , pray, better screens.
Here we go. Another clown entering into the ever crowded cell phone game. I wonder who Amazon will source for their phone. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
I never, partially, read so much bs in my life. Android is nothing but a free, off the shelf OS used by Google to track advertising across mobile devices. Period. And the hardware guys use mostly tech made by a few big companies, get their name stamped on the front and then dump it onto the market.  Soon the prices start to drop as each a** clown tries to gain marginal market share over the other a** clowns. Soon you'll see $19.00 Android tablets on the market,...
You won't win any consumers with antics like that. Nokia is toast.
New Posts  All Forums: