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Woz was the one that made the damn Apple at HP. Steve wasn't a freaking engineer. But we all know Steve takes all he credit. He was the face, heart and soul of Apple by PR design. Even Sir Ives is seen as the heart of Apple's design but he has a VICE in front of his title. Who is the BIG DADDY of design there? Huh.
Apple is the only tech company that can play it slow( that is release new swag yearly) and still whoop that a**!!! Besides the tech Apple has pretty much spells out the mode of operation of humans. *speaking *interaction * listening The iPad/ iPhone covers all that. Now, what Tim could do is recreate social. Apple is well poised to bring a new level of social to the people. IMHO
ZZZZZZ! Written on my iPad mini!!!!
Oh no he didn't! I don't know what they are being used for? LOL!
Those in the know know that HTC produced too much swag. I saw this coming years ago. Apple maintained a calm storm while her competitors produced multiple phones against ONE IPHONE!! playing that game against an outfit like Apple will destroy you. Now just imagine an iPhone the size of that Galaxy with retina display. Game over!!!
Hahahah!. I'm writing this post using my superior ipad mini. I couldn't be happier. The fit, finish, performance and support hasn't been matched by any clown in the tech business. Right now Goggly is just spec whoring.
the stock price is for suckers. Up or down it a fu***** game. The money is coming in by the boat loads. Sorry wall street with all those effing derivatives in the trillions you'll have to eventually pay out. Oooop! I forgot, you don't have a printing press. Ouch.
Like so many have said before, MS has become an outdated joke. I have the iPad mini 32 gig and it is by far one of the best effing investment I have ever made!!! It works near flawlessly. It is like whatever you can think of it can do. I can crate a spreadsheet using numbers in seconds, then go over to pages and write a paper all while I downloading an episode of The Walking Dead. damn! Screw Windows.
This makes since, if true, bcasue those LCDs have to go though(duh) quality control. My ex physics teacher told me why the first acrylic cinema dismays were initially so damn expensive. Poor yields and the cost was carried over to the consumer.
Surface to ipad: I have to already slash my ridiculously low price against your premium price just to keep up even though my latest commercial touts me as being more goddamn versatile. Ipad to surface: Tell Ballmer to keep up the good work.
New Posts  All Forums: