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What a high paying troll. He can say this because MS has a lock on the OS department around the world. They collect their licensing fee while the tech companies clutter the hell out of Best Buy,Walmart etc with tons of OEM sh** powered by Windows. But Surface is a joke. It can't run FULL WINDOWS. It runs a WINDOWS-ESQUE APP that looks like you're running full Windows. And I use Pages and Numbers(love it) and I'm balling like Lebron! I'm also getting the 128 gig iPad Air...
I can't wait until my 6 grand comes in cause I'm buying the 32 gig mini with retina and the goddamn iPad air with 128 memory. I don't care . You live once.
The consumers are more important than the investors. The consumers have put over 145 billion into Apple's pocket. What have the investors done that can compare? Ok, the investors put up the initial seed money but at the end of the day the consumer is the real investor and they aren't trying to short the f****** stock!
Is the MS surface the only damn piece of tech that didn't sell like hotcakes? LOL! This article must have been written with MS's money in the hands of the arthur. The 5c is just the 5 from last year but with high quality plastic and colors. And the 5 sold like nobody';s business. Now, enter the surface. It wasn't a reworking of a mega hit product. It was a POS in the market space from the word GO! Last I read Apple sold 9 million phones in 3 days. Damn! They...
They keep talking about pricing but when you get a contract for two years with a certain plan it doesn't matter what the phone cost., per say. Ok, either you pay $99 or $199 up front for a phone at the low end, which is relatively chump change then you pay the phone off in two years. What's the effing issue? This business model has been going on for years and has been making cell phone players billions. The only folks getting screwed by these bs analyst are the stock...
Ron Johnson had a proven record and look what happened to him at JC Penny.
Those are Intels products not Apple.
Steve Ballmer, stop writing negatives stories about Apple on Appleinsider. Stop-it-now!
Apple knows damn well they better introduce a retina display ipad mini or their Xmas sales will suck a**! So if they do, with colors, all hell will break loose up in this bi***!
They can all ponder,blunder, twerk whatever.When Apple drops their watch all hell is going to break loose. Apple will corner the wearable market. If it is done right, this sh** is going to be huge!
New Posts  All Forums: