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You won't win any consumers with antics like that. Nokia is toast.
A race to bottom of the crap heap. This is what happens when you pile up onto a tech bandwagon. You use the same over the shelf tech as the other guy, you throw in Android and then you step by step drop your price until you really can't make a dime. In the end Amazon will end up leaving the tablet industry all together. Amazon will never be able to penetrate the tablet market like Apple.
Dude,go to Nike.com and see what all the fuss is about. Flash all over the place so you are lucky you can even maneuver through that junk. Put it this way, iPhone and iPad is the core business of Apple and neither have flash. Cough!Cough! And how much did Apple post last quarter? Cough!Cough!
So , their cash hoard could hit 170B but their stock has been tanking. WTF!
Um, other competing platforms? Really? 99.99999999% of the industry uses Android because it's free!!!!! That BB CEO is a joke. Therefore, if what he said was an Eddie Murphy movie it would have been the funniest thing he did in 30 years.
Only a sucker would believe the sh** those two clowns were saying. How can you say Apple is in a rut when they posted the best quarter in their history? The stock price dropped while Apple was making billions. GTFO! No debt and bling for days in their overseas bank account. Munster is trolling for the sap investors. Wall Street speculated on Apple and they lost. Not Apple.
Your comment needs some clarity. You have a $4200.00 mac pro and it won't run 10.8, with out hic ups , right? Um, what year is it? Now, I can on say I spent $5000.00 on a kanga and that it won't run 10.8. Ok, don't come on here trolling!
MS scores another lost. Can't say We're surprised.
What really kills me is that Apple posted their best quarter ever back in January yet their stock still dropped. That makes no conceptual sense but then again this is Wall Street we're taking about.
I see nothing wrong with this. I should be able to use my iPhone on any carrier I want granted they support that phone.Period. You want choice? Here you go.
New Posts  All Forums: