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I'm rolling on the ground laughing my a$$ off! Steve Ballmer needs to go. PCs used car salesman should retire. His time has passed along with CRT screens.
The pervs are loving this crap. The only goddamn thing GG is useful for is recording people. Now, who out here haven't figured out that Google is working for the federal government. This is just what our crumbling society needs. Stealth surveillance under the guise of wearable tech.
A budget iPhone is stupid. No matter what the phone cost you'll eventually be able to get it for next to nothing with a two year commitment by any of the number of pimps, cough, I mean cellular providers. Look at the iPhone 4. Walmart is giving it out for zero dollrs or a penny with a two year commitment.
Slow news day, so some loser writes a load of garbage that will be as useful in 24 hours as the last article written about Kim Kardashian.
Steaming POS no matter how you serve it.
B&N never made their own tablet.
Greater interoperability with the Xbox and window phone???! Seriously?! MS is a fragmented behemoth. It takes 20 goddamn people to screw in one light bulb over at MS. But at the end of the day this is nothing more than smoke and mirrors for Wall Street. MS can't afford to streamline. Its money is made by keeping us in the loop.
Ok, tell me why the hell should Apple enter the market with a cheap iPhone when the the 4s is now going for $39 with a two year contract at Walmart? Keep building the goddamn 4s. Duh!
Sony, are you listening to what the rock is saying! Adios because all hell is about to break the f*** loose up in this b****! I hope we get monster hunters for Apple. OMFG! Nintendo, see ya baby! It was fun while it lasted.
New Posts  All Forums: