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Wow! MS knows that their lunch is being eaten my Apple. The ipad does everything the average person needs without the need of MS bloatware.
This article suggest Sony would be able to compete with Apple and Sammy better if it sold off its entertainment arm. What a stupid suggestion. Sony use to be an Apple like company but has now fallen victim to market forces that want more profits at the expensive of quality. Look at HP and tell me, if you remember the good old days, when HP's swag was off the hook! Now look at them. Cheap a** printers and overpriced ink. Apple is going that way to in a few years. Once they...
Don't worry, the world economy is going to soon sputter when the natural resources which are non re-knew able and commercialized become economically impractical to drill or mine. Then those billions, no, trillions stashed overseas will get jacked by governments real quick. In the meantime, I can't effing wait for the retina iPad mini!!!!!!
Spare me! Google changes their OS Android for the sole purpose of helping the cell phone maker sell new crap. It works simply like this. Google keeps making a build of Android more complex than the last so it sucks a** on previous cell phone maker's hardware. It's a calculated effort between Google and the hardware guys.
I'm not impressed considering Android is a 'FREE' mobile OS on just about every freaking smart phone sans iPhone. Apple on the other hand is vastly more impressive since Apple is about to reach 50 billion downloads on their products without the need of third party celly phone participation.
A bling home button? Who writes this crap?
Yawn! FB has turned into a freaking turkey. And I laugh when I see people with 7000 friends but as you scroll through their wall maybe 6 of the same folks respond to their sh@@. This makes the movie the social network seem like a wasted venture. I have a theory that FB will eventually create different flavors of FB the way the cable pimps do. The cheapest package gets you 99% infomercials and some sundance stuff, while the premium package gets you the stuff you really...
The analyst just want Apple to sell more phones so they can manipulate the stock price. There is no shortage of cheap phones on the market!!! Think about it, when the portable cell phone came out it was waaaaaaay expensive.Now lets just go back 25 years to the present. The celly is now dirt cheap. So cheap it is disposable. Go into 7/11 and you see tons of throw away, pre paid phones. You don't think Indian/chinese business men and women haven't thought up a business...
We all know that a retina display mini is coming and it will be a world wide hit. I have the iPad mini and it is amazing. Now add retina display and a faster chip and you have a mobile powerhouse!!!!
well doesn't this happen when your stuff reaches a saturation point? Duh. There are just so many people that are going to but  the iPad.
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