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Damn! But according to Apple analyst the company is on the verge a collapse! OMFG!!! Close to 200 billion in the bank and almost no debt but it's slipping into the darkness! Somebody hold me!
The music industry is multi-dipping into the consumer's pockets. For one, we can listen to the top songs on top 40 radio all day! The top songs are played in heavy rotation all day! When we buy products that  support the radio stations we pay the labels for their music. Now, when you go and buy that favorite jam from iTunes you have paid the label again! And if you pay for music streaming you are paying them again!!!!! It's the same damn music but pumped through...
Seriously, how did a movie with such a controversial plot get green lit by Sony. I said this before and I'll say it again. There are liaisons from Washington working in Hollywood to get certain movies with a political slant made.
Somebody need a towel cause somebody sweating!! Oh and let's toss Casio and Swatch some terry cloths as well.
Not surprised! Sammy simply junks the market with s***! Hey yall remember Nokia and all their crap. Let's go back to 2004 and remanense over 200 different phones. 3 years later iPhone would single handedly slay everything in their arsenal. One freakin phone! Damn!
What the hell man! Glass scratches!!! Devices like cellphones are susceptible to drops which can lead to your freaking display scratching. There ain't no miracle glass that will withstand scratches. Hell, a flipping car's windshield even gets scratched. I'm so sick and tired of these bs argument and drop test... This reminds me of that phony debate over weather iPad's screen was good enough to read from. Really! Hell, we read text books in the sun with all that uv....
I'm not real careful with it(the phone, right) but I haven't noticed any specific reason for the scratches? LOL!Are you for real. Did you really write that.If you're not careful with your stuff, like you admitted, then stuff can happen like scratches. I'm going to stop right there before I get banned.Have a great day.
One word to describe this: Really? Talk about corporate espionage. You really think MS had this thing ready to go without knowing Apple was gonna to drop theirs. And right at the start of the holiday buying season. Cough cough!
Wow, how corny! Is this the best that new CEO at MS can do. Turn on the Air and you are ready to go. Turn on a MS notebook and life is tedious.
New Posts  All Forums: