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One word to describe this: Really? Talk about corporate espionage. You really think MS had this thing ready to go without knowing Apple was gonna to drop theirs. And right at the start of the holiday buying season. Cough cough!
Wow, how corny! Is this the best that new CEO at MS can do. Turn on the Air and you are ready to go. Turn on a MS notebook and life is tedious.
A pathetically long review!!! I still have the original iPad mini. Awesome beyond words.
The security access code for this device is VV23-678GSDUEIE But please don't use it. Pleeeeeeese. The owner of the device would be so pissed. I mean really, really pissed. Again, the security access code for this device is....
How much did MS pay Appleinsider for this garbage. And what makes you think the public is going to go out in droves to buy this bullsh**
Consumerism. Get a freaking life!
Where's Jcrew. Mickey D sits on the Apple board of Dir.
Who hasn't toyed with the idea of a 4k or 5k iPad! You know they're down the road.
I have the new iPhone 6 and my manager has the plus. Amazing phones. To hell with Nexus!
New Posts  All Forums: