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Consumerism. Get a freaking life!
Where's Jcrew. Mickey D sits on the Apple board of Dir.
Who hasn't toyed with the idea of a 4k or 5k iPad! You know they're down the road.
I have the new iPhone 6 and my manager has the plus. Amazing phones. To hell with Nexus!
It looks like that troll Stub is using Apple as a scapegoat because HE can't get his country's finical situation back on track.
Would sapphire had really done sh** to improve the iPhone. Eventually new plastics will offier not only HD capabilities but will be virtually impossible to break.
Who didn't see that coming! HP has burnt out! Same thing happened to Palm. Split, boom and gone. Publicly traded companies are driven into the ground for profits. Eventually they are whored so deeply they are broken apart and sold for scraps. This is the beggining of the end for HP. The company is surviving off of MS powered pcs and servers on one end and over priced ink and cheap printers on the other. What a disgrace!!!!
They should call it Windows ZERO. 
Personally I prefer the iPhone 5 over the 6. I feel the picture quality is better. I really hate the iPhone 6. But by girlfriend did it again and dragged her little a** to the Apple store to get the 6 the day it came out. Now I'm stuck with it.
I recently placed a wooden broom between two chairs and proceeded to jump on the broom in the middle. To my surprise the damn thing broke. Time for a class action lawsuit.
New Posts  All Forums: