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Guess what, if I buy a brand new wooden mop, place it between two chairs and jump onto the middle of it what the f*** would happen. Um, ah, wow this is really really hard! I know, the mofo will break! Hello! I should get a common sense degree from Harvard U! Currently I'm loving my iPhone 6(non plus). Amazing phone!
make them dang things stay in the freaking ear!!!!
Haters gonna hate! But just what until the competition pays for those wearable showdowns. LOL!
Haters gonna hate but watch this thing take off like a jet%u2026 needless to say the competition is going to pee itself trying to catch up.
The iPod had its day.
Got my money. I'm going for broke. I'll be getting the 5.5 with 128 gigs go ram.
Maybe the much rumored Apple smart tv?
Y _ Y Lets have a moment of silence............
Jon looks like the type of guy that'll rip your eyes out. Then use them to seamlessly make you understand not to mess with him. Um, don't mess with Sir Jon Ive. Tuesday can't come fast enough. Yeah!!!!!!!
Wait a minute! Who wrote this misleading article... Show me a current Apple employee talking about this and I'll show you an Apple employee out of a job. Battery life? I bought my G-Shock two years ago this past July and I have never changed the battery.
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