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Jon looks like the type of guy that'll rip your eyes out. Then use them to seamlessly make you understand not to mess with him. Um, don't mess with Sir Jon Ive. Tuesday can't come fast enough. Yeah!!!!!!!
Wait a minute! Who wrote this misleading article... Show me a current Apple employee talking about this and I'll show you an Apple employee out of a job. Battery life? I bought my G-Shock two years ago this past July and I have never changed the battery.
Say goodbye to Casio G Shock as well. All hell bout to break out next week and it ain't gonna be pretty!! Jon done put the Swiss on burn notice. OMFFFFFFFFFG!!!!!
Oh damn! Oh no he didn't! Well, with that rumored declaration I would like to say goodbye to Casio 's G-Shock. It was good while it lasted. All hell bout to brake loose next week!!!
Whatever! Besides what would you expect. A product can only go so far. That's why these tech folks add new stuff to the stuff but even that becomes a joke. Soon last decades tech swag is as good as last week's tech swag. Sorry bit I ain't buying a new freaking iPad every six months.
He never made me want to own a pc.
I didn't even bother to watch it.  What I want to see are kids using the iPads is awesome ways. 
MS never fails to fail! They use the surface aka tablet moniker knowing full well that that are selling a full fledge laptop and not a true tablet. But to the untrained geek, what they see is a tablet(wink wink) goIng against a full fledge laptop when in fact it's a goddamn full fledge laptop disguised as a tablet(hence the use of the term SURFACE). Sorry MS but you just got busted.
Who wrote the comments made by those school officials? MS.
Hey Meg, get that parachute ready . Your time is up in 10-9-8...
New Posts  All Forums: