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I wanted to see how much my 17 inch 1 ghz G4 swivel neck imac would fetch... I WAS SHOWN A HIGH DEF PICTURE OF ONE OF STEVE JOB'S MIDDLE FINGERS! In other words, no dollar value. I'll keep it for nostalgia purposes, thank you.
I know what cloud computing is and that is all tha matters.
At this time, I expect Jon Rubinstein to be wearing his parachute to the office every day. Cough! Cough!
I doubt the validity of this story. I believe the 3DS was just a gimmicky way of selling the same old sh**!
I was all worked up but screw it. One, you can't get the i7 unless you go high end with the 13 inch $1500.00 model. Two, I read that gamers and serious video folk will be disappointed buy the performance.
Eric Schmidt is using the word innovation out of context. Google doesn't do a damn thing but make the software that piggybacks on massively produced, subsidized hardware. Apple on the other hand makes their mobile OS and their hardware(to an extent). Apple has 100% control of iSO while their competitors ain't got jack!
It's going to sell faster than crack to a million cocaine using Goldmen Sachs executives and their crack using girlfriends and their old crack dealers who forgot the golden rule of not smoking their own supply and then couple that with the number of new men J LO has bagged and discarded since leaving Marc Anthony last week, DAMN!!!!
Better say bye bye to Mr.Mike Lazaridis. How embarrassing, but didn't we saw this coming? I was in Best Buy the other day and the playbook wasn't even on. Damn. But the ipads and the macs are always front and center "ON'.
I cant believe that a-hole compared that crap tochpad to the early build of OSX. This just goes to show how much Jon Rubinstein wanted the top spot at Apple. Jealous lil boy. HP failed. Hate that washed up PC maker with their cheap a** calculators.
Looks like somebody is trying to short that stock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
New Posts  All Forums: