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Android apps are effing stolen like crazy. A lot of fandroids pride their a** on being so freaking technical that they eventually steal the devs hard work. sorry Goggle but you ain't getting to 10 billion app downloads in this life time.
I would hate to see him pass away so young. I did read though that he is a bastard to the nth degree. Apple makes cool stuff but I heard Apple is a nightmare company to work for.
The effing patent tolls are sitting in their office salivating like a stroke victim and just waiting for this webm stuff to ake off.
sc*** Verizon! I have no issues with att here on Miami Beach. My iphone 4 is juts fine. And gods knows I don't want Verizon fu***** with my itunes. I haven't heard anything about this but just keep an eye out.
Digital Humanism? The a**hole dancing in the bear hat? Sammy is lost.
Moto is joking right. They are just pimping the same old Android OS in a different package. They aren't going to spend years making their own OS from scratch. They aren't going to create their own itunes media hub. They are sheeping like all the rest. Watch as the summer approaches and the glut of tablets overwhelms the market place. There will be so many discounted, effing honeycom tablets in Sam Clubs, Walmart, Target, godd***** 7-11 priced to move like canned corn beef...
And the average person is going to do what with all that windows bloat? Nothing! The ipad condenses what people do most of the time into a neat, powerful long lasting(battery-wise) package. Period.
Because the other guys sit on their a** while some other management takes the plunge. Then, if the product is a success, the other folk come rolling in. Look no further than the ipad. At the begging of 2010 there was so much hate around the net about the ipad it was sickening. And you probably remember Engadget shutting down their comments for few days until people calmed down. Now look, every mofo is pimping out an android tablet or announcing a soon-to-be Honeycomb...
I can't believe so many of you have gotten suckered into the so-called Kindle against the ipad war. This is misleading, twisted reporting at its best.
Why the hell would I want to go backwards?!
New Posts  All Forums: