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Social sites are just effing hangouts. My homegirl has like 700 friends but only less than .05% ever write stuff. Huh!
I read that Jobs adopted a long term business strategy and that helps a lot. So while everyone, sans Apple, in the cell phone game are dropping new devices like every other week Apple is playing it slow. That is what you call self preservation. I know consumer tech. I was there when the characters in hand held games were nothing but blips. Iphone is amazing. But if you want to trick out a freaking HTC Evo 4G that has neither ddr3 ram or fast frontside bus with a custom...
What a little girl!!! He says that the merger would harm Sprint. Screw Sprint. All them greedy mofos are about to robbed the consumer with this ridiculous thing called DOWNLOAD CAPS.Some have already started. Personally I'm getting sick and tired of this whole cell wars ting. iSO, android, windows mobile etc. I'm through with this sh***!
If you don't like It then program you own effing editing software. Oh, I thought so. Be quiet.
Tethering is separate from your regular phone bill kido. I have high speed wifi at my hotel front desk job so I could down load a movie in no time. And I also have high speed Internet at home where I use my airport express for the wireless. So screw the 3G version iPad. I ain't dishing out anymore money to them greedy mofos!! And if AT&T starts messing up I'll toss my iPhone in the canal and go metro pcs. I swear!! I really don't need all that high end crap...
Bullsh**!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Period. End of!
I could careless. I'm all Apple baby! I'll be programing for the iPad and starting my business in a few years. Good times ahead. Big ideas abound.
Who cares if Sammy sells more phones. They simply pump out every design that comes to mind, flood the market and repeat that crap all over again. In the end they will be in debt. Watch.
HTC ain't sh**!
[QUOTE=ijordan;1878990]Microsoft hardware and Microsoft software? Then someone would actually have to take the blame when calling for tech support? Can they handle that?[/QUOT I don't doubt they could handle it but why would they want to. MS would loose so much money if they start making their own pcs.
New Posts  All Forums: