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Hello haters! Remember all that crap you were talking back in 2009? Huh! Yeah now suck on them numbers. I'll be getting my ipad 2 16 gig wifi only in a few months. Hell yeah!!!!
The Vita isn't going to do a damn thing to the ipod touch, business wise. However, the narrative that the author uses suggest the contrary. And most of the games for iSO don't even go past $5.00 Can Sony offer such prices? Highly doubt it.
Like, that "how to cheat and not get caught" app? Um, you're so screwed.
This is what I love about Apple. They plan their sh**! Not like the other guys that just throw crap together and hope it sticks. That data center is amazing from what I have seen. And I believe there will be more surprises today.
We all know that when you have 400 OEMS producing a tablet that runs one freaking OS, that is free, they will collectively beat the lone tablet that runs a different OS. Moto is on its 2nd tablet in 4 months. Now multiply that by 200 OEMS and you'll eventually have a glut of tablets on the market going for $50.00 You know damn well this xmas them crap tablets running Android 2.1 will be big a$$ doorbusters at Wall mart on black Friday.
HP didn't create webos from the bowels of their culture. No, they bought it now they are going to pimp it. HP is playing catch to the other guy's culture and it ain't going to pan out the way they think it will IMHO. HP spent a lot of money buying Palm just to ride the bandwagon created by Apple. I see the problem being the ability to get people to buy another webos tablet after they buy first one.
let me tell you something, who give a rat's a** what he says. He's is a dying breed. I'll tell you something, the next big thing is for the average Joe/Jane to go out and create their very own magazines for the ipad. Make them crazy awesome with all the bells and whistles independents know how to do. And if it is done right, those e-zines will sell like crazy. Imagine a half dozen newly minted journalism students and a half dozen programmers. BAM! Saaaaaaaaaaaaaay...
Thank you! And Numbers on ipad is freaking awesome. I'm able to whip up a spread sheet in seconds! Who the hell need Windows man. Scr** them. I'll get the whole iworks for iphone on my next paycheck. HELL YEAH!!!
Apple is going to show them how it's done! GO HEAT!!! n
Here's the reality and it ain't your armchair quarter back reality. When you're a public company you better make that money or you better haul a**. I blogged a few months ago that the silver haired dude at RIM Lizardis or whatever should get ready to fly the coop.
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