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I test drove a MBA at Best Buy(hate that damn place) and it is freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I have the first generation unibody aluminum macbook from 2008 before it became the macbook pro. Fu***** insane piece of hardware man. Never a virus, never a shut down. Nothing. The experience is beyond words. Screw the pc.
Step up their game to what?WP7 does a little dance and then all of a sudden people need to switch. Child please. WP7 isn't even a phone but a mobile OS. Thank you!
Nike branded headphones suck(IMHO) and they make too many narrow shoes. I would buy the expensive airmax if they came in a 13 4E.
Acer is dead like most in the pc industry.
Google, beyond their great search engine and their click to get paid business model they are pretty lame.
Just a rumor and nothing more!
Amen to that! I can't wait to start a small business using the ipad and the iphone. Those two devices have created a tech paradigm shift we haven't seen since the invention of the automobile.
Say what!? Apple tellecomm!!!!!
I find this rumor a trick to raise up Sharp's stock price.
What a snoozefest. The article instigates that Google is going after iTunes. Um, really? All they're doing is selling is selling the same intellectual property as Apple.
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