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This article is trash. But I will say that Sony has been dragging its a** so they could prolong their minor tweek per 5 year business model.lol. The psp should already be able to do the web like the touch, have at least a half a gig of effing ram. Duall sticks? I could do without that. As for Nintendo. Whatever.
those newspapers and magazines better wake the f*** up! The ipad is a phenomenon! And when things are done right on it all hell breaks loose. I'm going to start brain storming business opportunities for myself with the ipad.
I agree. I have the iPad and it's so damn easy to use I'm left speechless. Also , at my Job in the hotel I can make a spread sheet with numbers on iPad in seconds!! No one in the tablet game has got it like that. I'm going to be getting the camera connection kit for iPad and photo copying the entire text for electromagnetism 2 into the iPad so I can leave the book at home for next semester. Screw the pc. Also I'll be getting the 21.5 inch iMac in January.
You know Ex, I don't think MS gives a sh** about getting anything right. they make a gajillion bucks sitting on their fat,lazy, corner office a**es anyway by licensing their crap OS off to every freaking OEM on the planet. And who do they think they were fooling anyway. The same smart phones using Android are the same ones using W7! Ballmer is history. No wonder he sold some of his stock the other week. Lol! And I read a disturbing article where a high rolling stock...
Ok so a free OS pimped by about every freaking smartphone maker out there is flooding the market more than iOS. Who cares. Apple controls iOS 100% while so they get 100% of the money! As for the Android crowd, well there are literally dozens of models on the world market and plenty of players. So you do the math. Why the hell should Apple be worried? They aren't in the marginalized OS pitt known as Android.
Sony in the dark ages in some respects. That stupid remote on the sony internet tv is just horrible. I was in my local sony style a few weeks ago and messed around with it. JUST NASTY. and no one even helped me out. I hate the customer service at sony style. Now just look at the apple tv with ipad . I can stream all my content over and watch the internet to. Everything is easy and smart. Grandma can go into the Apple store, pick up the ipad and navigate with nary a...
Also, lets talk about how the hell will Samsung be able to compete with Apple in updating their systems OS-wise. Sammy doesn't control the Android OS. So Apple can drop some incredible features down the line into iOS while Sammy sits and looks like a freaking sheep in the tractor trailer headlights. Sorry for sounding like a fanboy but I call it like I see it.
RIM can undercut all they want. funny though. How the helll are they supposedly spending millions doing R&D on making this playbook yet they are going to undercut(rumor) the iPad which cost tens of million to make? And iPad ain't cheap. RIM is a joke. I bet they are using nothing but off the shelf crap and stock software that they are hyping up as theirs. "A WORK IN PROGRESS". It all smells fishy. Watch the CEO haul a** before the fall of 2011 and RIM get broken into...
here we go again! another outfit pushing another Android tablet as an ipad killer. Yawn!!!!!
I respect your comment but you're just trolling. Evey time a new piece of tech pops on the scene folks like you switch to fit the latest trend.
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