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Nike branded headphones suck(IMHO) and they make too many narrow shoes. I would buy the expensive airmax if they came in a 13 4E.
Acer is dead like most in the pc industry.
Google, beyond their great search engine and their click to get paid business model they are pretty lame.
Just a rumor and nothing more!
Amen to that! I can't wait to start a small business using the ipad and the iphone. Those two devices have created a tech paradigm shift we haven't seen since the invention of the automobile.
Say what!? Apple tellecomm!!!!!
I find this rumor a trick to raise up Sharp's stock price.
What a snoozefest. The article instigates that Google is going after iTunes. Um, really? All they're doing is selling is selling the same intellectual property as Apple.
I saw the Moto Xoom at staples last night and that Honeycomb is an effing disaster. The scrolling through web pages was on point but other than that it was a snoozefest! As for Sony, well expect their crap to be virtually DOA. Just like the pspgo. That clamshell option is stupid. What you going to do when that sh** breaks at the hinges? Lol!
Androids real value is in Google making money on ad as you click on them. That's why it was given away for free. But as long as the 3rd party hardware people didn't cause the user to stray away from Google's grip they could play. Customization and hardware choice? Give me a fu**** break. Just about every Android powered phone is the same thing. They are either made by HTC, LG or Samsung. And when did the average consumer, the ones that make all the bank for the tech...
New Posts  All Forums: