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Sorry but you failed! Apple was trying to go against the grain of a very established and mostly corrupted,greedy a**, controlling telecomm industry Apple chicken? Hardly!
Dude, if you haven't seen the 11 inch baby air. OMFG! it is so bad a**!
the whole web? I hate that tired talking point. Google tv sucks as well as that crap by Sony. I played with the Sony internet tv and it is not only confusing to use but down right stupid. I have the net on my iphone, ipad and my AL macbook 1st generation. I don't need to surf the damn web while watching tv. Apple tv is all about your content. Period.And when the apps for the Apple tv start rolling in Google tv will get its a** kicked!
Bogus article! RIM is getting jacked up by Apple. There is no way in hell RIM is going to outdo the effing iPad. That crap we've been seeing is some off the shelf sh** RIM threw together in a last ditch effort to keep their stockholder sedated. Apple's DNA is software and hardware and thier forte is fusing the two together and making MAGIC!! RIM ain't got that prowess. And when the iPad 2 drops all hell will break loose in this mother******!!
I love competition especially when a serious player like Apple raises the stakes and makes folks like Adobe sweat!
Really? RIM is effed up! They are using Apple's ipad a springboard to launch their own device. Pathetic. A web browser showdown? OMFG! To the suckers out there that must be real impressive. Meh! Look, have you ever seen Apple show off an early prototype whatever going against something similar already in the market? HELL NO!
what a waste! No, the band is legendary but their music is the most saturated in the world. It ain't like we never heard a Beatles' song before. Whatever! I'm going to play some Quakelive!
How low will HP go! OMFG! That is just classless! I read the specs for that "SLATE" and was not impressed! It's nothing but a keyboardless netbook. Period. The ipad is a content consumption device but many in the press have misconstrued the purpose of the ipad so they could set up other competing product along side it in what has become a hunt for the unicorn. Look at that Playbook(vaporware!) by RIM. LOL! Are we to believe that RIM, in just 4 months, will all of a...
Daaaaaaaa**!!!!! Oh no you didn't!!
Hallelujah! Praise the lawld. He says ith and so does it happenith! Thundercats! HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
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