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These stories of Android with it so-called lead on Iphone are getting old. Very Old. Android is on all these smart phones but the celly makers are in competition with one another. So we aren't seeing ONE company but a coalition of competing players using the Android platform because it is a cost savings business move. The cell phone makers get to glut up the market with millions of subsidized smart phones, talk sh**(blah, blah, blah) while Google touts Android ubiquity.
Scare us? Don't make me laugh. Tell Google to crank out some hardware sweetie, then we can talk about the possibility of uncontrollable sweats.
Honeycomb looks like crap. Google can't catch up to Apple's swag baby. Sorry fandroids. Google can pimp their main guys in headphones and attire suited for casual Fridays all they want to convey a hip, laid back swag but they ain't got sh** on Apple. And the fandroids try as they may, swear that Honeycomb is the "be all to end all" in terms of tablets OSes. Yet that narrative wasn't even in the public sphere before Apple dropped the ipad almost a year ago. WTF!!! LOL!!!
as big as sony is shouldn't they be able to have their own effing system to put of media like the ipad? All these tech managers want a free ride on Apple so they won't have to accrue certain business costs. Remember the EU and itunes? Sony is fu***** lazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!
Typical, typical and more typical! Let me tell you that the Android business is bull****. If you play in that arena you will be left with so much unsold sh** as you try and out do the scores of OEMS pimping Android as well.
Um, if them defective chips are "BOUND" for Apple's stuff then way the hell would Apple put the incoming defective sh** in their computers? I'm just saying.
Ha ha. Another troll comment by a guy who is trying to convince us with an outdated narrative. Here we go again. The Android business model is very progressive with too many goddamn players. You will have to iterate up the a** to compete. Which means you'll most likely end up with tons of unsold Android phones in your warehouse.So you will accrue debt as you battle to one-up the slew of competitor's new sh** hitting the market every month. And of course you know about...
Was there ever a person alive with any sense that believed Apple would stay on top of a market liken the tablet? Also there is just to much talk about Apple here and Apple there. just shut up and let the company do its thing.Da**! But in the end Apple will make more money in the tablet business because it doesn't compete with any other iso device. Just like the pc the Android tablets will be hammering it out for margins with the same hardware and of course the same...
Sony came thru from what I see but the price of the unit and then the price of the games will be prohibitive to a certain set in the iphone and touch crowd. Moreover,the cost of developing games for the specs on the psp2 are going to be challenging at best. And the core thing needs to be taken with a grain of salt. I read an article where the writer wrote that the Zune HD touted the core thing but he latter went on to say that unless the kernels are used properly the...
Android apps are effing stolen like crazy. A lot of fandroids pride their a** on being so freaking technical that they eventually steal the devs hard work. sorry Goggle but you ain't getting to 10 billion app downloads in this life time.
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