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Daaaaaaaa**!!!!! Oh no you didn't!!
Hallelujah! Praise the lawld. He says ith and so does it happenith! Thundercats! HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
this is a litmus test and it shows who gives a damn and who doesn't. Google could careless about privacy. They'll roll over and lick a you know what for that dollar. So I'm not at all surprised by this. And as the Android tablets mature onto the market those ads will be as intrusive as what goes on on our pc. Dimming of an article we're reading as advertisements for some antidepressant pops open. I effing hate that. And of course it will take a million clicks on the x...
BS. The Tab is a quick to the market Android device getting trumped up before the other Android tablets stampede onto the market and show it the door. Ipad is in a league all its own.
Business tablet. Ha ha! You won't find the high end programs for serious business running on that thing. They are chasing Apple's ipad which it not a replacement for a computer but RIM is trying to best the ipad, theoretically, by saying that the Playbook will be business-centric. OMFG! What a freaking fail. Who is going to be designing real world business programs for the mythical Playbook that will perform like they do on a fully featured laptop? We ain't talking about...
I couldn't even finish reading what you wrote because you made a trumped up assertion that the Playbook offers a proper OS for the tablet. Where as the ipad doesn't? How'd you come to that conclusion? And what is the proper OS for a tablet? Understand this, RIM is chasing Apple's ipad because? Answer that! Why does RIM need a tablet? They are just following the money. Like the suckers who put goji berry in their fruit juice because some clown down the street put goji...
Look Apple is a public company that concedes to the whims of stockholder and wall street pressure. Now I know how much we would like to think of Apple as a kind of maverick but they ain't. They have to follow the money. That is business. I also had a feeling that Apple wasn't on Verizon because Verizon wants demonic control over their tech! But if iphone goes on Verizon I don't think the itunes experience will be the same. And without the finely tuned Apple media...
I think the suit is bs. I updated my 3GS and had nary a problem. And I'm sure thousand of iPhone users did the same thing and had no problems. Sounds like someone is looking for a payday.
Yeah but you'd only only buy it once.
You sound thrilled! Must be happy Apple saved your effing job security. Anybody in the know knows that if Apple wanted to play the disposable server game they could. The server business is a dump that keeps a bunch of high paid techs employed. laugh at that!
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