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I think a lot of us know that if the big boys in publishing, and ladies( sorry. Love you!) don't get with the program then their sh** will be swallowed up by independent publishers who are known for being far more experimental and edgier than the modern day Hearsts.
He's lying through his corporate teeth. Besides he was a KEY Apple manager. He knows everything about Apple.
This is complete BS! Sony owns most of the music on itunes. Apple gives Sony music to sell their sh**. Ha ha! To the uninitiated this must seem like a battle of the titans, but it ain't. Sony IS itunes, based on their percentage of the music it owns on itunes. Now that's how you think deeply!
I've heard that tired narration before. ZZZZZZ!Apple has sold something like 10 million ipads.Moto is about to drop a tablet into the market where literally scores of competitors will put out a honeycomb powered tablet. AND CHEAP!!!!!!!!Moto's tablet will get marginalized so bad by all the sh** coming from Asian suppliers they will haul a** out the tablet market real quick and count their lucky stars that they still make money selling ink for their shi**y printers.
It amazes me how these folks in the tech world sit and watch as Apple does its thing, then they try to play catch up by marginalizing them with talk of superfluous features. OMFG! The ipad was never meant to replace a pc. It is as we know a content consuming device. But RIM for instance needs a "WIN" so they troll out the usual, cocky, bull**** lip service. RIM in no way shape or form was able to out do Apple's ipad in a few months. Who the hell do they think they are...
I think Apple's stock will stay around $300.00 per share or more for a while because they have a solid business model right now. I'm crazy for Apple's swag. I can't wait to trade in my 1st generation iPad ( 16 gig wifi with 3G) for the iPad 2. Also I can't wait to get an Apple tv.
Bless you FREERANGE! I'm going to be laughing my a** off all day while thinking about what you wrote. As the brits would say. SPOT ON!! I love good tech and probably like like you I have gone through so much tech junk over the years I cry thinking about all that money I spent back in days. But today my tech consist of iPad(16 gig wifi/3G), 16 gig iPhone 4, 13inch MacBook aluminum before it became a MacBook pro and a psp( God Of War edition:red)and the 250 gig ps3. My sh**...
The tab is juts another Android based tablet thrown onto the market by Sammy for a quick buck.
This article is trash. But I will say that Sony has been dragging its a** so they could prolong their minor tweek per 5 year business model.lol. The psp should already be able to do the web like the touch, have at least a half a gig of effing ram. Duall sticks? I could do without that. As for Nintendo. Whatever.
those newspapers and magazines better wake the f*** up! The ipad is a phenomenon! And when things are done right on it all hell breaks loose. I'm going to start brain storming business opportunities for myself with the ipad.
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