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go get them mother******* Apple. I love competition too but everyone is out to steal Apple's swag. Sony kicked a** with the psp and I love that machine. Do your own thing. And just you wait until Apple brings. out their own TV and the ipad 3. Jesus! All hell will break loose.
This loser is beyond comprehension. I guess he'll find a reason to sue me for using the name maccherry. maybe it came from one of his delusional plays. "The day Godzilla farted in a field of maccherries".
We all know that Apple pulled a fast one on the industry. The ipad is changing everything especially from a business model POV. Look, intel and MS are sh**** their under ware right know. The ipad is chipping into their space. The ipad doesn't need intel's chips nor does it need windows for the basics that MOST people do on a pc. No need for Nortons utility, invasive updates and other crap associated with a windows machine. And what OS would be running on their new atom...
Adobe has to be out their mother***** minds!!! The high end suite, if you do the subscription is $130.00 a month. And since a new upgrade isn't available for two years your month by month for two years is $3096.00!!! Kiss my a**!!!!
Grouping the market share of Moto, LG, HTC and Samsung and calling it Android is bull****! Google is getting all the props but the balance sheets of the aforementioned celly makers aren't on Google's CFO's desk! Android is a free mobile OS piggybacking on ubiquitous 3rd party hardware. And there are two business models at play here. One is Google making money on ads from Android and two is the selling of hardware by the celly makers. I'm going to write the chairmen of...
RIM is just putting together bits and pieces of what they feel is a mobile OS. HP ain;t build sh**! They bought Palm for the sole purpose of riding the tablet bandwagon. Apple's iSO is the real effing deal. Google, please. Just spare me. They are just trying to get more damn clicks.
what is misleading about this is what you don't see and that is Android as an OS means nothing by being on 49% of the smart phones. It is free. It piggybacks on massively produced hardware. People wake up and smell the coffee!!! What has been done was to lump all of Google's OEM's market share up like Moto and HTC and put the total under one headline:ANDROID. That may sound impressive but the tell of the tape is that the balance sheets of the OEMS are not on Google's...
I love technology and competition is good when IT IS GOOD. But no one has been able to pwn the ipad. All I've read is hype. Period. If Moto had created their tablet from the ground up, design and software, then we could talk. But if you're just trolling off the shelf tech parts and free software, then you're only in it for ME TOO effect. Apple builds their swag from the bottom up and test the hell out of it. Just look at the fit and finish of the ipad. It is as if...
The bar was raised too high IMHO for the advertisers with iads.
He was talking out his a$$! Sony is a dino. Yeah they make great video cameras, the big ones that cost like 80 thousand, Bravia tvs, psp and ps3 but that is it. They suck everywhere else. IMHO. My iphone took better pictures than any effing high end Sony camera I test in best buy last year. A $500.00 12 mega pixel Sony camera was pwned by my 5 mega pixel iphone 4. What a damn shame!!!! I'm getting the new psp 2 later this year though.
New Posts  All Forums: