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That is absolute BS! Nobody is going to head for a freaking Xoom tablet over and ipad 2. Sorry for sounding so pompous but that is how I feel. Moto doesn't have the ecosystem like Apple nor the customer service. Going into an Apple store is like entering a weekend jam session with the Beatles.
give me an effing break. Here we go with perception used to screw with the stock. Look, ipad 2 is a hit. I held it in my hand today at the Apple store right across the street from my house. It is awesome. But those who want it will get it. Wait!!!!! Hell, why is it a bummer if you can't get it right right now?
And all the money from different sources goes o the same damn people!
Screw the whole line thing. it is overplayed like someone mentioned before me. To much perception pimping.
it was funny. Getting the 32 gig wifi/3G ipad 2 in next month.
Man, the smart cover demo on the Apple site is absolutely, effing awesome! That alone will drive 5 million sales. Apple has the whole the package. Touchpad, Xoom, Tab screw them. They are a step way back. Back to the days when The Shack was Radio Shack. I'm seling my 16 gig wifi/3G ipad 1 ASAP!!! I'll get the 32 gig wifi/3G and the Orange smart cover. Boy oh boy everything had changed now, again. And Apple went light weight on the a**. Jon Rubinstein is probably...
Praise the lawd brother!! Preach it!!!! I'm already talking in tongue. HIP HOP THE HIPITY THE HIPITY THE HIP HIP HOP YOU DON'T STOP!!!! Apple has done it again. This is a very clean update to the iPad 1. I love it. The competition will be pushing back their sh** now probably till Xmas. Xoom? Child please. That trash is a step back to the day when they were burning witches. I'm selling my iPad 1 16 gig with wifi/3G and getting the iPad 2 32 gig wifi/ 3G. I'm so freaking...
ipad in BB&B? Right.
The real story is when will those plethora of tablets start sell for $50.00 at 7-1?. Cause that's what is going to happen. Can someone say black Friday door buster! Anyway most of the tablets getting ready to drop are owned by investors with nary a technical skill. They just have money. They hook up with folks that do all the sh** like design and marketing and engineering. They get their crap tossed onto the market and wait for the fish to bite. And look at the Xoom...
He doesn't even know!
New Posts  All Forums: