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Apple created their own Unicorn a spry power buck and they are riding that b**** all the way to the bank. On the other hand Google has caught something. Not a Unicorn but an effing 20 year old mare with a fu***** catenary as a spine. Sorry fandroid!
What a load if crap! When did this CLOUD thing become the new IT FEATURE? Really folk this is nothing but a gimmick. Everyone is trying to outdo the next guy with some feature they tout as a game changer. Amazon in this case is pimping the cloud as a way to lure people into their music service. Music that they don't own but are given a license by the record industry to distribute. And this high and mighty talk about how thier consumers are dying for this is BS. That is...
First up Apple isn't bi****** about this. Secondly, there was never any mention of the software that represented those folks. What a fail. Not to mention one of the products doesn't even work.
Any of you remember Rio? The company that made them digital media players. Well they went belly up b/c they couldn't get more market penetration. So I feel Moto is doing this so-called next step to distinguish itself from the deluge of honeycomb bull**** beginning to stank up the market place. C'mon people, you know damn well by xmas 2011 there will be tons of tablets on the market cheap and disposable. Moto knew this was coming.How can you be a premiere brand with a...
This is the difference between Apple and the clowns out there. Apple will build a product from the ground up with almost un-parallel precision of it and finish while the competition just trolls out a ME TO device. Apple controls their hardware and software. On the other hand Moto and Sammy just cranks out hardware with a 3rd party OS and hopes for the best. And this will be a continuing themes throughout this tablet zeitgeist.
You on your own homey!!! Moto ain't got no damn customer service. But going to the Apple store is like visiting the Beatles during a meet and greet while they jam. Now that is customer service!!!!!!!!
That is absolute BS! Nobody is going to head for a freaking Xoom tablet over and ipad 2. Sorry for sounding so pompous but that is how I feel. Moto doesn't have the ecosystem like Apple nor the customer service. Going into an Apple store is like entering a weekend jam session with the Beatles.
give me an effing break. Here we go with perception used to screw with the stock. Look, ipad 2 is a hit. I held it in my hand today at the Apple store right across the street from my house. It is awesome. But those who want it will get it. Wait!!!!! Hell, why is it a bummer if you can't get it right right now?
And all the money from different sources goes o the same damn people!
Screw the whole line thing. it is overplayed like someone mentioned before me. To much perception pimping.
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