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He doesn't even know!
All these hackers are secretly backed by large powerful companies.
There are always douche bags like that talking sh**! Real talk, Apple has created a paradigm shift in the tech world with the iapd. They even jeopardized their own business model by selling a device(ipad) that does away with all the bloat. I know the pc boys will continue to get burnt by these tablets. MS has to answer because like everyone else they are a public company. Fill in the blanks. Take your time, you'll be a while.
This is how Apple stays competitive! I love the idea.
you know as well I do that flash IS a resource hog. Even on my macbook running a 2 ghz core duo with 2 gigs of ram and 256 megs of video memory, shared by the nvidia gpu. I still have issues navigating through site like Nike.com. A very flash based website. If you just look at these tablets, they don't have ddr3 ram(as an example), fast front side buses or dedicated(dedicated is expensive as hell) or shared video memory. Tablet are striped down in terms of power. So...
If he is a Muslim from Kenya then why hell did the CIA. allow him into the white house? Oh and by the way Muslims are part of the federal reserve homey. So you better chill. Remember you ain't on the gold standard anymore. Troll.
This hat happen when you think you are the man. If Google wanted to have no problems in having a so-called free codec for video then they should have created their own sh** from scratch and gave it out for free. But they didn't. And I feel sorry for all them clowns pimping Android. They say its free but Android is in millions of mobile devices and I swear to god the patent trolls will come biting down on their heads in he coming years. they are just lying in wait for a...
Playbook is DOA. RIM is playing this tablet game for their investors. They have no soul in tablets. Playbook, Xoom(which sounds like the word used to describe digging up a dead body from the grave), Touchpad(ipad rip-off handed to HP by ex Apple honcho Jon Rbinstein) and Nokia are all going to die a quick and painful death.
WebOS is being narrated as this mythical mobile OS but all I see is UI eye candy and sliding cards. Spare me that bull****! WebOS ain't nothing but HYPERCARD reinvented.
HP is trying to emulate Apple so hard. They already have Jon Ribinstein, an ex Apple exec that worked on the ipod for all things. Believe when I tell you that in those late night board meetings, those top managers worked the idea to turn Jon into their little Steve Jobs. But in the end it will be a Gordon Gecko and Bud Fox romance. You saw how that turned out.
New Posts  All Forums: