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Who didn't see this coming knowing full well Google told them guys that yes they can use Android but the way Google wants it used. That's called control. What's that relationship called on the streets... PIMPS AND HOES. Here's is the conflict, Sammy has to get sh** out fast. Penetrate the market with anything to get more money and Android is the only off the shelf and free mobile os available. But with Google tripping, rightfully so, Sammy gotta come up with their own...
BS! Slow news day.
Very insightful post man! I believe that also applies to the economy at large.  Think about it, IMHO we have pretty much maxed out our economy. People talk about the president not doing enough for this economy but look around, what can't you really get. But anyway, have a great day!
Hey Sammy, Apple users just bought around 58 million iPhones in 3 months. Via wall huggers! And if that rumored iPhone air hits the streets all hell gonna break loose up in this bi**!
How much cash does Apple have? LOOOOOOOOOOOTS!
Dude, that so-called car integration is bull****!
Here's one product that won't need a mandatory upgrade... My middle finger. Bite me MS!
I won't be buying that bullish**!
They both steal sh**! Then they use their high paid lawyers to battle it out in the arena. 
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