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Hey Sammy, Apple users just bought around 58 million iPhones in 3 months. Via wall huggers! And if that rumored iPhone air hits the streets all hell gonna break loose up in this bi**!
How much cash does Apple have? LOOOOOOOOOOOTS!
Dude, that so-called car integration is bull****!
Here's one product that won't need a mandatory upgrade... My middle finger. Bite me MS!
I won't be buying that bullish**!
They both steal sh**! Then they use their high paid lawyers to battle it out in the arena. 
You read that all you die hard, core hungry, HTC tricked out by being overclocked to 5 ghz geeks see. It ain't about speed.
When did I need a damn thermostat to learn sh** t about me.
All this speculation sh$$ is crazy.
New Posts  All Forums: