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LOL! What a freaking joke!!! It's a goddamn spy camera.
You have got to be joking! Kiss my a**! I have scanner pro($6.99) and it works like a beast. Who the hell needs a freaking scanner anymore. $200 vs a few thousand zero and ones that make up my digital scanner apt... Hmm, what a dilemma. Not!
No doubt she will leave with a FAT ASS goodbye package. 18 years on top of Tim buying up stock at prices made up by the goddamn tooth fairy. Yeah sweetie I'm a miss you like I miss my mom beating my southern tail with an extension cord.
How much you want to bet Samsung is hemorrhaging money in its phone devision. Sammy can't do one phone a year like Apple and survive. I gave my girlfriend my iPhone 4 when the 5 dropped. I'm telling you that I had the original iPhone 4 released in 2010, STILL, until the 5 came out. What the hell does that say. 
All I know is that my girlfriend will and I mean WILL, be in line for me when the new iPhone drops. And yes, I think it is safe to safe that sexy mofo will be BIG! And I'm getting it come hell or high effing water!!!!!! Samsung can suck off!
Apple, not the markets, is buying the shares. In a Ponzi scheme you can't get out more than you put in. So how the hell is this possible? Oh because Apple dips into its bank account and pays you what the markets can't reconcile. A freaking Ponzi scheme. The question is always there. When shares go up, who is responsible for paying you that increase. Some of you are scholars in this corrupt, economic zeitgeis. SMH.
As long as Tim cook buys his own goddamn stock the price can continue to rise. No sh** sherlock! Ask the markets to pay each and every outstanding share of Apple's stock and listen as the markets tell you to kiss its a**! Cook is reconciling a ponzi scheme by buying his own damn stock. Um, I thought the markets were suppose to cash you out. LOL! Try unloading Apple's stock the regular way and watch the price fall like the preverbal brick. By buying your own stock you...
It took them clowns this long to figure out what most of us knew already. Google gave away the bull**** for a reason. Hello! Anybody home!
It is never enough, nor will it ever be enough money for these clowns. Even if we gave those investors and the wall street crooks printing presses from the treasury department as well as all the ink and paper they could very use they would still bitch about not having enough money. Between 07 and 08 the feds gave the financial markets over 18 trillion dollars to reconcile the debt THEY created on the economy. And where was all that debt? ON EXCEL SPREADSHEETS. They made...
I hate this article. It manipulates you into thinking Apple is selling small luxury goods vs their competition that sells swag that isn't considered luxury swag.
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