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You read that all you die hard, core hungry, HTC tricked out by being overclocked to 5 ghz geeks see. It ain't about speed.
When did I need a damn thermostat to learn sh** t about me.
All this speculation sh$$ is crazy.
I would love to see Apple recreate the headphone business. I was fantasizing about this a few week ago. Incredible cans from Apple. $200 billion in the bank by the end of next year. Believe that!!! Money all day bi****!!!!
This is why they did it. 3 billion for a crappy headphone maker with a subscription music business whose music Beats don't even own. LOL! Beats is pure marketing from the ground up. But it all looks good to investors and that's what counts apparently. So the stock shoots up and Tim buys back the goddamn stock using the company's cash rather than that thing called the markets. Then again, who the hell in the markets would have that money? LOL!
LOL! What a freaking joke!!! It's a goddamn spy camera.
You have got to be joking! Kiss my a**! I have scanner pro($6.99) and it works like a beast. Who the hell needs a freaking scanner anymore. $200 vs a few thousand zero and ones that make up my digital scanner apt... Hmm, what a dilemma. Not!
No doubt she will leave with a FAT ASS goodbye package. 18 years on top of Tim buying up stock at prices made up by the goddamn tooth fairy. Yeah sweetie I'm a miss you like I miss my mom beating my southern tail with an extension cord.
How much you want to bet Samsung is hemorrhaging money in its phone devision. Sammy can't do one phone a year like Apple and survive. I gave my girlfriend my iPhone 4 when the 5 dropped. I'm telling you that I had the original iPhone 4 released in 2010, STILL, until the 5 came out. What the hell does that say. 
New Posts  All Forums: