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I hate this article. It manipulates you into thinking Apple is selling small luxury goods vs their competition that sells swag that isn't considered luxury swag.
LOL!!!!!!!!!! Desperate woman!
And Apple does very little advertising. Very little yet their stores are always packed!!!!!
What a stupid piece of research. This is just a trigger to get investors hyped over nothing. iPads are killing sales of full fledge pcs!!!!!
Monkey see monkey effing do! Google tried their hand at this bullish** a few years ago and it stanked up the industry. Sony tried with their crap. A confusing remote with dozens of buttons.
What a compete effing joke!! Apple has essentially one goddamn phone and spent 1 billion advertising while her competitors spent a combined 14 billion and have like 150 fu***** phones. And Apple is still banking like a boss. Um, what? Don't waste my time with this bull****!
give me a break. Free worthless app unless you get the subscription service. Who the hell y'all fooling with this hype.
J-O-K-E Save your damn money.
New Posts  All Forums: