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LOL!!!!!!!!!! Desperate woman!
And Apple does very little advertising. Very little yet their stores are always packed!!!!!
What a stupid piece of research. This is just a trigger to get investors hyped over nothing. iPads are killing sales of full fledge pcs!!!!!
Monkey see monkey effing do! Google tried their hand at this bullish** a few years ago and it stanked up the industry. Sony tried with their crap. A confusing remote with dozens of buttons.
What a compete effing joke!! Apple has essentially one goddamn phone and spent 1 billion advertising while her competitors spent a combined 14 billion and have like 150 fu***** phones. And Apple is still banking like a boss. Um, what? Don't waste my time with this bull****!
give me a break. Free worthless app unless you get the subscription service. Who the hell y'all fooling with this hype.
J-O-K-E Save your damn money.
Bite me where the sun don't shine!
New Posts  All Forums: