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yeah, i told them they had sent PC2100 not PC2700 and they are sending me a new chip. Cheers
Well my original Samsung 512 chip works in both slots, and the new chip doen't work in either. I also noticed that the RAM is KTI PC2100 266 - I ordered Samsung PC2700 333!
Hi, Ive just added in a 512 stick to my 17" 1 ghz powerbook. Rebooted and it still says i have just 512 (should be 1024) So i switch the Ram chips round in the mac and reboot again. And again it says i have just 512. So both slots are accepting the original apple chip but not the new one? The System profiler just says that the reversed slot has 512 and the standard slot is empy - and vise versa when i swap the chips round. Any Ideas on what the problem is? I...
I can only have 1 Gig ram max and the i cant change the graphics card on this powerbook. I read on some other forums that with the install hack it will run on a 1ghz powerbook - but will lag if i try and edit say, 100 images in one go. But for file browsing / simple editing it will be fine.
i want aperture becuase it will mean i can use 1 app instead of 2 / 3. I have to use Adobe DNG to get my .NEF files into photoshop to edit. I then have to save the RAW file / the DNG file and then the final image. Its all very messy - aperture will solve all this nicely! Ive upraded to 1 gig of ram so i can use aperture - i had know idea it would be able to check the speed of the machine before installing!! Nightmare!
Im supprised by that. iphoto is ok but i do pro photography so Aperture is what i need. Seems silly to stop a 'pro' powerbook user from using a pro app. In fact im not just 'supprised' im quite annoyed!!! Thanks anyway
The specs say it need a 1.25 Ghz G4, i was wondering if it would work on this 1Ghz machine? Cheers.
Thanks, So its PC133 RAM i need?
Hi, Im looking to upgrade the RAM pn my 1Ghz powerbook, ive found a 512mb chip on ebay that has come out of a 1.67Ghz powerbook. The guy who is selling it does not think it will work with my powerbook? Does anyone know either way? Thanks.
here its is.. http://www.wownpd.co.uk/giftology_products/usbfan.html realy nice bit of kit, looks good on the 17" powerbook, but like i say, its just a little bit too noisy for my liking!
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