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Hmm... mostly InDesign, basic Photoshop work and occasional Illustrator with a sprinkling of Dreamweaver and rarely iMovie or Final Cut Express.   I feel much more confident moving forward with the Mini -- thanks everyone!
You think the Mini has enough graphics power? I'm afraid of running into the lag I already deal with on my 2007 iMac.
I'm back! I'm finally ready to pull the trigger. There are some good deals on Apple's refurb store -- esp. the 2.3 i7 (1TB Fusion) Mac Mini at $900. I could find a quality 24" monitor for around $300, add some RAM and have a nice new Mac/monitor for around $1,300.  Given that I use Adobe CS5 apps on a regular basis, do you think I'd be on the right track with this system? Thanks!
Bergermeister... I noticed you do a little Adobe CS work with your Mini. Are you using CS6? Do you feel the graphics processor is capable enough? Thanks!
Thanks for the tip Marvin. HDMI brings up another question... I've seen varying points about using HDMI for display output. Thoughts on that vs. display port/thunderbolt?
I've been pointed to that 24" Dell a lot. Is the orientation-switching effective with a Mac? (I noticed you can switch in Preferences, but then mousing turns sideways too).
Thanks Marvin for sharing your knowledge!
I've been trying to find that perfect combination of economy and performance while shopping for displays. Looks like IPS is the way to go and would love to find one with 1920x1200 (like my current 24" iMac) -- esp. since I value vertical screen space a lot. If I can find a 27" that fits this bill, will probably try that. It's too bad my 2007 iMac couldn't serve as a display... 
Really appreciate your hands-on knowledge! Glad to hear the speed is good.   From what you've done so far, do you feel it COULD be a capable primary machine? Like I said, I really don't do a lot of video editing -- mainly print/web design.   Saving $500-$700 is a big deal for me, but if buying a 27" iMac means I would have a more capable machine in the long-run, I'd definitely consider it...
Really appreciate the analysis!   Is it safe to assume that CUDA isn't as crucial in Adobe apps like InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator? Has integrated graphics of the Mac Mini been much of a problem for "standard" usage?    I tend to hang on to my Macs for as long as I can. Any reason to believe the "maxed out" Mini wouldn't be somewhat obsolete-proof?
New Posts  All Forums: