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Hey guys, I'm in the market for a new desktop Mac to replace my 2007 24" iMac before the end of the year. I'm a graphic designer using Adobe CS apps and occasionally Final Cut Express and iMovie. I plan to get the Fusion drive regardless of which Mac I buy. Would I be OK with the Mini (maxing out to 16GB RAM)? I could save around $500-$600 vs. the iMac (will need to buy a new monitor). Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks...
True, but if they drop the optical drive in favor of an SSD, the price decrease won't likely happen. (At least that's what I'm hoping they're planning)
I guess I should have stated that I'd be willing to sacrifice the optical drive in order to make space for an SSD.   But you're probably right when it comes to the almighty $. Apple may not want to "give away" the SSD when they can sell it as an add-on.   I guess we'll know in the coming weeks...
I anxiously await the release of the 2012 iMac and wonder if Apple will include an SSD (system files & apps) along with a HDD. I know they stand to make a lot more money having the SSD as an option, but with the direction they've taken with the MBA and iPad, I think it could be a powerful selling tool.   Maybe it's all just wishful thinking...
Afraid of that -- thanks. (Guess it give me more time to save up!)
Does this delay have any bearing on the pending iMac release?
Here's what Apple's website shows:LINK
Just needed a little affirmation.
Got it. (Guess I glossed over that before) Also, it's not critical to have matched pairs with this iMac, correct?
Thanks for the heads-up. So, don't mess with the dual channel sticks? If not, I'll have to look at OWC...
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