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I just looked at your link and see that Fry's RAM is PC2-5400 and Apple's specs say PC2-5300. Would the discrepency be an issue?(Otherwise, you're right. It's the best deal out there)Just had another thought... Will iMacs sold on Friday have Leopard pre-installed? (Curious how soon the new Macs will have it pre-loaded)
That's cool! I've been collecting bids since I started the thread and it's looking like anywhere from $500-$2,700! These companies have quite the racket going. I think about $2,700 -- that's a top-of-the-line maxed-out iMac!!Oh well, I'll check out DTI and see what they charge too.Appreciate your help Marvin...
Just wanted to check in to see what I can expect for data recovery from a broken external. (Was dropped and now makes a chime sound followed by a grinding noise). The kicker is it's not my HD! I realize this won't be cheap, but wanted to know which service is the best. What should I expect to pay? It looks like there was about 65 GB worth of files on it. Any help will be appreciated!
Now that's a good idea. With Apple's venturing into music, movies, etc. in recent years, maybe it's time for them to start selling some good external speakers...
For the record, I have the JLB "ghost" speakers on my eMac (which makes a HUGE difference) I guess I wouldn't care either way... (if they are external, I hand down whichever are inferior and if internal, I just keep my current speakers)
Just wanted to get everyone's thoughts on how Apple will incorporate it's speakers into the new iMac. It sounds like the "chin" could be eliminated, which is where the speakers have been housed in the iMac's current form. Anybody think Apple will go back to the iMac G4 format with external speakers? Or could you see Apple mounting them on the sides like many LCD monitors & TVs are today. Just curious...
That's one classy Mac! I love the chrome accents along the side (like the iPhone). Quite the sexy beast. Having one of those bad boys would add value to my desk!
I'd be quite content with a loaded 20 incher... (I don't have money to burn, but do want to "future-proof" myself)
This from MacDailyNews. I, for one, am pumped. I've been waiting for this revision to be announced and will be happy to pounce once they start shipping. If a black version does appear, I will have to check that one out. Does anyone think Apple will provide discounts for Leopard with these?? [edit] Sorry! Didn't look far enough down the board. Mods can delete this if desired...
Sorry - but I don't understand where you're coming from here. I use Adobe InDesign and can make the paper size as big as I want. But the OS has the limitation to the size able to be printed. Where do I find this? (File->Page Setup->Paper Size->Manage Custom Sizes) Thanks!
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