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Funny thing about Apple Care.... I called and asked them about this. They said they weren't trained in it and told me to go to the support discussion board and ask there. I've done that (with 2 different threads) and received no response. Also, excuse my ignorance, but what is CUPS and BSD? Thanks!
Just received our new PowerMac G5 this week, but hit a glitch with printing. We're a newspaper that prints 2-up broadsheet pages to a Navigator RIP for our Stingray Imagesetter. When I tried to print pages, only 13x19 of it shows. (The largest default paper setting is "Super B/A1" which is only 13x19. Why Apple changed this from Panther makes no sense to me! Any suggestions?
We just received our new PowerMac G5 dual 2 GHZ and have hit a snag printing to our Stingray 1200 imagesetter. Tiger's printer settings only allow 13"x19" as a max. size. (We had no problems with Panther's Super B setting) We're trying to print 24"x21-1/2" (2-up newspaper pages). There has to be larger sizes than Tiger's "Super B" setting, right? Any help is appreciated!
Definitely Firewire. OWC seems very competitive pricewise also...
(I know, there have been posts on this in the last 6 months, but they don't provide many answers for me.) I'm thinking about an external hard drive in the 200-250 Gig range. The Seagate 200 Gig seems the most appealing (and the most expensive.) Also looking at Lacie and Maxtor. What about the software that runs the backups. Any thoughts on this? (I'm mostly interested in more space for video projects, but would like an easy backup program too.) Thanks in advance!
Good tip. Thanks!
Thanks for all your input. Much appreciated!
I have a PowerMac G4 (467 Mhz Digital Audio - running Panther) that I use for desktop publishing (mostly InDesign & Photoshop). While it does an adequate job, I could always use more speed. Since my boss won't pony up for a new G5, I've been thinking about processor upgrades/accelerators. Does anyone have any advice about them? Do they make a noticeable difference? How high should I go to see a real change? (1 Ghz?) Are they easy to install? Thanks in advance for any inputÂ…
[QUOTE]Originally posted by krisneph [B]Panther will arive tomorrow, I really want to do a clean intall but I got 6 gigs of music I really can't backup. Is there anyway to delete everything but my iTunes music folder. Like a clean intall of everything except my mp3 library. Will the upgrade work OK, personaly I would do a clean intall what do you guys think ? I believe you should be able to "Archive & Install" and keep your previous OS. Correct me if I'm wrong...
Hey guys I just need some buying advice. I want to buy Panther but I have no funds right now. I was gonna buy it with the educational discount but I no longer attend school. I want to buy it from here seems OK no manuals or anything I don't think I need that I just need the full OS. What do you guys think I don't mean to be cheap but sometimes you just need to go for the deal. Do you guys recomend buying from there. I don't wanna get ripped off. It looks like a good...
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