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hope this helps! [/B][/QUOTE] Hmmmmm... Hadn't really put much thought into Ebay. Looks like lots of good choices there. (Some even sealed.) I'll have to check that out. Thanks!
I just purchased a new Emac and didn't buy any extra RAM from Apple. I plan to buy a 512 mb stick. Which is the best RAM for the buck? (I saw Crucial has it for $124.99 and 8004Memory has a "hyperspeed" stick for $109 (+Free ship). Thanks in advance!
Thanks everyone for the feedback. I just bought it tonight! (Also bought Applecare and the stand.) Now for the 512 mb stick of RAM. Which leads me to my new postÂ…
Just wanted some opinions on this... Apple store has refurb. 1 Ghz. Emacs for $929 - the most current Superdrive version. It also ships free. I'm a budget-minded buyer - wouldn't use for more than email/internet and some iLife stuff. Should I go for it (purchasing 512 Mb RAM & Applecare as well) or wait & see? I'm planning to buy in the next month or so... Thanks in advance.
"but Apple Pro speakers are not among them without a sort of adaptor (which does exist, but it inevitably adds to the total cost)... " I just happened across an iFire Apple Pro Speaker Adapter/Amplifer in the MacConnection catalog for $39.95.
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Republic How good or bad are its built-in speakers? Couldn't you just buy a couple of Pro Speakers if you didn't like the sound?? Just a thought...
Thanks - good to know...
Anybody here subscribe? I'm thinking about it, but wanted some input before I plunk down my $29.95. Thanks in advance for any thoughts on the matter....
Thank you! (Glad I wasn't going nuts!)
I was looking through a MacWorld or MacAddict magazine a while back and saw this blue-glowing gizmo that looked like a port hub for the FP iMac. I may be imagining it (I don't think it was a PowerMate). Does anyone know what I'm talking about?? I apologize in advance if I'm hallucinating...javascript:smilie('')
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