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Good points. I guess if I'd thought it through and realized all the extras the G5 has, I'd have seen the light. Speed tests aren't always everything, I guess...
I noticed that the DP 1.42 was as good if not better than the 1.6 in most of the tests. Would that justify buying a 1.42 over a new 1.6 (unless the 1.6 is ALOT cheaper)? Thoughts?
Thanks for the info... What about iMovie? And with the Adobe apps (print collection mostly), you say they don't really take advantage of MP? I'm trying to decide if I'll need a dual processor for a future purchase... Oh, and how much will Panther utilize the 2nd processor?
Could someone please direct me to a link that lists all the software that utilizes dual processors?javascript:smilie('') Thanks!
I guess the more I read, the more the G5 1.6 sounds right. And who knowsÂ… by the time I can afford it, there may be a 2nd G5 revision which will allow me to buy at discount. I guess if I look at it as an investment, it makes sense.
Sorry! Slip of the mouse button.
So, a $3K dual G5 wouldn't be too much for a home machine? (I'm not actually planning to buy for a few months - will Apple "G5" the iMac in that time?) Not sure if I'll go beyond iMovie for video editing, but I know what kind of hog that can be. Thanks for the advice... (Now I need to find a way to raise $3K!)
I'm starting to think about a new Mac purchase for home. I currently have a 7250/120 and am ready to move up. (Who wouldn't?) My intended use would be home movie editing, email/internet and possibly some desktop publishing. Would a G5 1.6 be overkill? Money is an issue, so would I be better off with a Superdrive eMac? ($700 + monitor difference). I want the new Mac to last a long time as well. So, do I invest in a machine that won't be obsolete next year or just go...
Sounds good to me. Only problem is the $900 it costs to upgrade!! That's absolutely insane to me... javascript:smilie('')
We have a QuickSilver 1 Gig Server running 10.1.4 with 768 RAM. Whenever someone on the network does a search (of the 3 volumes on the server), all the other Macs go into "Spinning Beachball Mode". Once the search is over, the beachball goes away and operations return to normal. Also spins when one of our Macs boots into OS9. Does anyone have any suggestions?? Thanks in advance javascript:smilie('')
New Posts  All Forums: