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Thanks for your help!
Please excuse my ignorance on this, but I just wanted to check if I could install Classic software on an OSX-bootable only Mac? (Thinking about the G5 upgrade). Thanks!
I agree completely on the USB/FW frontal ports (concealed though). As for the white case, change to clear polymer casing or possibly polished steel? That way, just dust or wipe clean. Of course, material costs come into play with those cases. Otherwise, I love the floating flat panel!
How about putting a red and white target shell on the G3 iMac and selling them at Target for $499? I bet they wouldn't have any trouble selling them... [ 02-07-2003: Message edited by: Nedrick ]

If you had $1300 in your pocket to buy a new Mac, which would you buy? They spec out fairly closely and additional 512 mb memory is close in cost. I'd appreciate your input...
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