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I wonder how many shares those bad-mouthers bought after their comment drove the price down?
Hopefully the judge will find in Apple's favour and require the classless Class Action lawyers and their simple minded clients liable for Apple's legal costs.  Every dollar that Apple has to spend on these meaningless lawsuits is one dollar less that can be spend of research or dividends.
Smartphones are much closer to computers than to cell phones.  Many cell phones users are not computer savvy but they seem to learn how to treat their phones like computers.  Maybe Apple should step up and lead the industry in warning naive users that some storage will be used by the Operating System and other apps depending on what the users choose to load.  The Judge should award the complainants a dollar apiece and let the lawyers squabble over splitting it up.
And if they included the 12GB limit and some user loaded enough Apple apps to put it under the 12GB, another stupid Class Action lawyers would be asking for more money because there was not enough room to take that priceless picture of a puppy.
Next, these idiots and their classless Class Action lawyers will be suing because they rented a small house and it filled up with garbage because they were too dumb or lazy to take the garbage out. Operating Systems have been taking up real memory since the dawn of computers.  How much it takes up depends on how many of the vendor supplied programs you want to run. Infinity applies to three things - numbers, stupidity and greed.
Will be great if you want to buy Macadamia nuts in a bag. A typical Korean copy process as pushed by Same Song.
The Canadian Competition Bureau is just trying to deflect its inability to coverup the high rates charged by the three big Canadian Carriers.  The best way to do this is make sure the name "Apple" appears in your headlines.  Like all the crappy bloggers, trying to make Apple look bad is the best way to get attention.  The allegations don't have to be true, just anti-Apple.
The subtitle says Most iOS malware requires a jailbreak implying there is iOS malware that infects normal iOS devices. Name some.
SameSong - Your stinky ads have just got some competition.
I wonder what the loss in income was for the SameSong top executives. I imagine the hurt in SameSong is confined to the lower levels and stock holders.
New Posts  All Forums: