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Expect the hackers are already designing ways to rip off MCX customers. When it first comes out, it will likely have more holes than a sieve. A few law suits from ripped off customers should make the MCX community pay attention.
Too bad the BS writer and Click Bait Editor from the Washington Post do not have the backbone to explain how they got things so wrong.  Like good pyro maniacs, they start the fire then run and hide while the damage is done and leave it up to others to clean up their mess.
Looking like some had their noses deep into the trough. Now they are squealing that Apple forced them to make bad decisions. These two had a responsibility in the original deal with Apple and all the responsibility for selling their shares when they did.
This guy is a bigger jerk than our Canadian prime minister.   One suffers from paranoia when they can't think of anything that is their fault.
Deliberately bending an iPhone is a new IQ test.  If you apply enough pressure to an electronic device, you are stupid.
"it's critics are insanely fanatical and virulent" plus incapable of doing anything even close to what Apple delivers or you could have left off "ly fanatical and virulent"
Benajmin Frost should get a job with Same Song.  He knows so much more than the Apple people that he should be able to design, produce and sell the next great smartphone that will never have any problems or shortcomings.  On the other hand, he may be just another click bait analyst.
The stock price is going back up so someone made a pot of money on this "tempest in a teapot".  Wonder who started the original rumour.
Or you can say "We lose money on every unit, but make it up in volume."
Wrong Reply.
New Posts  All Forums: