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Or you can say "We lose money on every unit, but make it up in volume."
Wrong Reply.
And if Same Song had anything close, they would have been pushing it out the door just to claim they were first.
You don't know if he made the call to release the software in the state it was in or someone else did.  But don't pass up a crappy comment by seeking the truth.
Send the dork that created this story over to Google and see how badly they abuse people by exploiting the data they collect. QA people and even automated test systems build on the problems they find. If they knew where all the problems were, they would have been writing clean code in the first place. Finding bugs and meeting a sales deadline are not always compatible. Finding the last bug could take forever. Someone has to make the call when comparing accuracy to...
The problem will continue for as long as dumb, overweight people stuff an iPhone, or any other phone, into their too tight jeans and then use it as a cushion or chair.  Apple could have built them out of 1/2" steel and some idiot would still have found a way to bend it and get his 5 seconds of fame.
Ballmer takes stupid pills by the handfull.
My solution to Google was to cancel all my Google Accounts.  No point to getting in a pi$$ing contest with a skunk.
When a "Security" firm creates a report on questionable spam or hackers, they are usually trying to "scare up" some sales for a product they offer. And when news "reporters" run questionable articles, they are usually trying to increase the number of clicks to their sites.
The Education systems that do not know about attaching keyboards to iPads says more about the administrators and teachers than the iPads.
New Posts  All Forums: