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Would we create health concerns if we held our breath until Reuters publishes a correction?
How does Eric plan on getting these stores into Arizona or the Mid West?
The difference between theory (sales pitches) and reality (HP MS in classrooms) is much greater in reality.
Apple does not have to own the whole world, only the profitable part.   I too would like to see a breakdown of SALES by Price Point to the Manufacturer. And if that might be distorted if companies give product away with other products.
And Lenovo, which bought the IBM line and name, and was doing well, is being mistrusted by many in the non-Chinese world.
Fortunately, Apple is not charging outrageous prices for each new version of iOS. Now there is a place Android and Samsung could go.
People can may numbers say anything they want. This article seems to be based on sales or the number sold, not the income from the sales. Given the security problems on the Droids and the recent reports of hacks originating from China, this win may not be worth as much as expected.
Another article quoting "has beens" and "speculators". Maybe the NYT would like to list all of the outstanding innovations they have made without any problem. You can likely list them between the following two periods. .
I wonder what all the complaining Map companies looked like days after they came out. I still find 5 mile errors in Google Maps and let them know so they can make the maps better. Suspect Motorola expects the same courtesy. The nice thing about starting anew is that Apple is not tied to years of code that hinder improvements. And there are ways to access Google Maps when Apple's is not quite right.
If HP lost $8B in the last quarter, how long can they sustain the development of these devices that have a vague market at best? How will they be that different from what iOS and Android supply now? What countries, cities, towns, villages, hamlets or outposts will these be sold in? If they are inexpensive enough for the poor countries, will there be enough margin to keep the HP division that builds them from being a cost center? This project seems to fail the smell test.
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