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My solution to Google was to cancel all my Google Accounts.  No point to getting in a pi$$ing contest with a skunk.
When a "Security" firm creates a report on questionable spam or hackers, they are usually trying to "scare up" some sales for a product they offer. And when news "reporters" run questionable articles, they are usually trying to increase the number of clicks to their sites.
The Education systems that do not know about attaching keyboards to iPads says more about the administrators and teachers than the iPads.
I define "dishing out" as giving information to others with no restrictions.  From all reports, Apple does not do this.  My big complaint is the crappy headline.   If these hooks are necessary, they should have the same user controls as other ways that expose user data.  And by default, they should be OFF.
"Dishing out a lot of data behind our backs.." is an very misleading, false, click bait type of headline. There are no examples in the article of where Apple "dished out" any information. I expect such crappy headlines from some but hoped AppleInsider was more truthful. How many of your other articles are now trustworthy?
Nothing beats watching a p*ss*ng contest between skunks.
Would we create health concerns if we held our breath until Reuters publishes a correction?
How does Eric plan on getting these stores into Arizona or the Mid West?
The difference between theory (sales pitches) and reality (HP MS in classrooms) is much greater in reality.
Apple does not have to own the whole world, only the profitable part.   I too would like to see a breakdown of SALES by Price Point to the Manufacturer. And if that might be distorted if companies give product away with other products.
New Posts  All Forums: