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Products can come to market much faster when the analysis and design work, market testing and prototypes are done for them by someone else.  Wonder where HTC would be if they had to start from scratch.
The only thing I think the Russians can offer is related to viruses and other forms of attacks.  Maybe it is better to have them inside the tent p---ing out.
Shysters and idiots make a sick combination. They tie up resources that could be used for worthwhile projects.     When will the courts force the losers to pay for their waste of court time and the costs incurred by the companies they attack.
What would happen if Apple let Proview keep the iPad name in China but set up stores outside of China that provided iPads to people that ended up smuggling the iPads into China.  Sales would still occur, albeit at lower volumes but the internal demand in China might force Proview to take the last offer.
While action is necessary, so is profit.  RIM never mentioned profit in their ad.  Guess they plan on making up the losses in quantity.
Big Difference.   Alzheimer's patient just drift away over time but people that love them do care about them.  RIM is also drifting away but nobody gives a damn.
Apple should get the US Government to let them bring foreign profits back to the US, free of taxes, if it is invested in research and development.  The US would get some of the money back, many bright people would get jobs, Apple could expand its research and the seven dwarfs would have other things to copy for the next few decades.
It is amazing how so many people are able to tell others how to spend the others money. With unemployment around 8%, I am sure there are many that will step into the vacated jobs.
Just bought my first Apple TV and find the interface awkward. Would like to get rid of many of the buttons that are not going to be used by me. Accessed the Apple TV via Remote on my iPad and expected to see the TV screen mirrored on my iPad but instead had to swipe around while keeping one eye on the TV and the other watching the iPad. Should be able to point at icons on the iPad. Should also be able to use the virtual keyboard on the iPad to enter data. Scrolling...
Apple has already paid the taxes on the foreign earnings. There are lots of economic and supply chain reasons for manufacturing items offshore. And Apple is not the only company doing this, only one of, if not, the biggest. And if Apple did bring it back, the government would use it to fill in the hole that resulted from all the crooked, built in the USA, mortgage deals that this, and the previous government, supported by buying off and rewarding all the crooked CEOs...
New Posts  All Forums: