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Now if the courts, where this will likely end up, will force the loser to pay the winner's legal costs, we could start seeing an end to this needless drain on everyone's - vendors and customers - resources. The money would much better be spent developing new products or decreasing the cost to customers. The lawyers would still get their share. And yes, Lodsys should have thought out Apple's response, just as Apple will be thinking about how Lodsys will respond.
Released this fall -- tells it all.
This issue has turned into a gold mine for the Tin Pot politicians and the Tin Foil hat crowd. Now they have something to worry about. Apple can let them all crawl back under their rocks by making the collection of the data an option. Of course they will have to make the default NO as most whiny users are incapable of reading instructions to determine how to protect themselves.
How do these get thru a day? If I built plans that were as unrealistic as theirs, I could not sleep at night and would always be wondering when the whole think would collapse. These guys have yet to deliver at a level that will prove anything but they can find time to make stupid remarks. I keep reading how all the varieties of Android - the class of the Open Systems - are out of sync with each other and how Android for tablets can't work on smartphones and how every...
And the classy state of Texas collects another spot of tarnish. If the accuser is from the Cayman Islands, they should have to sue in the Cayman Islands, where they will be completely ignored by the rest of world.
If the Android systems are harder to develop for and the products are priced the same on iOS and Android systems, does that imply iOS purchasers are paying extra so Android users can purchase the programs? If this logic is correct, why buy programs that are being developed on both systems?
Since developers get most of their sales and return on investment thru legitimate sales, they have to set their price accordingly. If there were no pirated copies, they could lower their price. In effect, legitimate purchasers are paying more so the pirates can freeload.
I often felt I was the only one that had this problem. The only ones that really felt it is great are the Windows techies that have untouchable jobs testing, installing and patching the software.
I think the unit would have to be consuming power if it had to react to a touch of the screen. No idea how much but a unit should need no power consumption to react to the home button.
---- Hopefully, Texans did not expect to get this type of publicity because of a Federal appointment. Interested in the President that gave birth to these filings. Glad there are levels of appeal to get a just decision, assuming the appeal costs justify the extra expense. Each case costs the defendants, and eventually the consumers, world wide. "Loser pays all expenses" should help reduce troll type claims.
New Posts  All Forums: