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The complaint was filed in a U.S. District Court in the Eastern District of Texas, where patent lawsuits are often initiated in hopes of a favorable outcome. Why can't the GREAT State of Texas do something that will stop this district from making Texans look like idiots and predators because of these asinine court actions. Each one of them costs the defendants who in turn pass the costs onto their consumers.
Why does the great state of Texas allow such idiotic behaviour on their soil? The Pathetic Patent Office and the Trolls that abuse patents could be stopped if the Legislature decided enough is enough. Until they stop this nonsense, they look like idiots. What is the incentive for Texas to put up with so much ridicule?
Too bad these posts could not appear in Jim Balsillie's morning newspaper. I can imagine him choking these down with his Corny Flaky food for thought that he was peddling.
Apple Customers are harassed for drinking the "Kool Aid". So far, none of us have gagged on it. I don't know what Android users drink.
Many of these law suits would not be filed if the plaintiff had to pay the defendants legal costs should the courts not find for the plaintiff. Many of these cases are started on the speculation of having the defendant pay up as it is cheaper than fighting the charge. As a result we all pay while shysters grow rich.
RIM will take a loss on every unit but will make it up in volume. I will wait for the next generation of iPad before considering a purchase.
If a so called patent holder has not produced a product with realistic sales near the time that another company does, they should have their cases thrown out of court and be made to pay the defendants legal bills. The idea that they can have some vague idea on paper and get paid for sitting on it is ridiculous and costing all consumers in terms of the cost of legal fees.
More like they put it over the head of unscrupulous developers.
I got my first iPhone about a week ago and use the Fido network in Canada. If I avoid touching the bottom left divider, I get 3 or so bars. If I press the divider, it drops to 1 bar and sometimes I get a No Network message. I have a case on order. I am very pleased with all the other aspects of the iPhone and marvel at how the world has changed from when I started using computers with an IBM 1620, a Selectric typewriter and paper tape in 1961. Tom
After writing the article and getting this feedback, it is too bad WSJ has not taken the opportunity to clarify their position - unless they realized they don't have a position worth defending. They should come out from under their rock and make specific points or retract their original comments.
New Posts  All Forums: