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Only after they start trying to use it.
The only reason they drag Apple's name into such articles is that there is a chance Apple will show some concern. No such chance with MS under Balmer.
If Nintendo is not going live until at least the end of 2012, they are likely still in the planning stage. The difference between theory and reality is much greater in reality. At least they have a good model to copy.
The German judge has stated the others are just copies of an original. Apple needs to advertise how the copies are inferior.
2013 is a lifetime away in the tablet business. The rest of the systems would have to fall flat on their faces for a new product to stand a chance of success starting in 2013.
But the Fire is so cheap.
HTC must be hoping Apple will announce many new products so HTC can look good in the quarter before the new Apple products are released. I would like to see all these sales reports broken down by profit as well as count. And then there is the ongoing problem of actual sales versus just shipped.
But then they would have to keep the camera turned on all the time.
The modern day highway speed traps.
I am reading the book "ON Intelligence" - a new theory on how the brain works. It was written by Jeff Hawkins, the man who created the PalmPilot and the Treo Smartphone. A number of Jeff's presentations are on YouTube. If his systems were as interesting as his book, I think they have enough of a solid foundation to go somewhere.
New Posts  All Forums: