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HTC must be hoping Apple will announce many new products so HTC can look good in the quarter before the new Apple products are released. I would like to see all these sales reports broken down by profit as well as count. And then there is the ongoing problem of actual sales versus just shipped.
But then they would have to keep the camera turned on all the time.
The modern day highway speed traps.
I am reading the book "ON Intelligence" - a new theory on how the brain works. It was written by Jeff Hawkins, the man who created the PalmPilot and the Treo Smartphone. A number of Jeff's presentations are on YouTube. If his systems were as interesting as his book, I think they have enough of a solid foundation to go somewhere.
GD Lawyers. They are worse than locusts. Anything to make a commission.
When ICS melts down, one is left with a big, gooey mess and two sodden black cookies. Did Android picture that when they picked the name?
Why won't the courts start making the trolls pay all the costs, court and accused, if they lose the case. Better yet, make them post a bond for such costs, when they file, so they can't plead bankruptcy after they lose. In the meantime, we the customers have to pay the vendors extra money to cover the costs of phoney extortion cases.
Now if the courts, where this will likely end up, will force the loser to pay the winner's legal costs, we could start seeing an end to this needless drain on everyone's - vendors and customers - resources. The money would much better be spent developing new products or decreasing the cost to customers. The lawyers would still get their share. And yes, Lodsys should have thought out Apple's response, just as Apple will be thinking about how Lodsys will respond.
Released this fall -- tells it all.
This issue has turned into a gold mine for the Tin Pot politicians and the Tin Foil hat crowd. Now they have something to worry about. Apple can let them all crawl back under their rocks by making the collection of the data an option. Of course they will have to make the default NO as most whiny users are incapable of reading instructions to determine how to protect themselves.
New Posts  All Forums: