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My brother just returned from a tour of China and describes being told how the young Chinese much prefer working in the factories to hoeing in the fields. Chinese agriculture has limited farm equipment and relies on human labor. By the age of 45, many farm workers are physically unable to work and have nothing to show for it. In the factories, conditions are less physically demanding and extra money can be obtained by working overtime. Building electronics may not be...
The media won't do any articles on the Chinese companies that produce electronics for other companies or the companies that produce other products. Annoying that only Apple gets all the coverage. On the other hand, this may be one way that Apple can put a lot of pressure on their suppliers to shape up as the whole world will be watching, not just Apple. Finally, it would be interesting to have the media compare the living and working conditions and suicide rates of...
Suicide should never be the solution to a problem, but human problems are never that simple. In hiring that many workers, I am sure there are some people with problems that made it through the Foxconn hiring process, only to find out they could not cope with the work and related changes to their lives and did not ask for help. I would be interested in how many suicides occurred in the people that applied to work at Foxconn but were not accepted.
Looks like Motorola is the only company that is in step with the FRAND agreements.
If the tablets used the valuable patents Motorola is brandishing in front of Apple, Google should reestimate the amount they plan to spend to acquire Motorola. Appears Apple has a better way of achieving whatever the patents were supposed to do and the Motorola patents are as useless as their tablets.
Only after they start trying to use it.
The only reason they drag Apple's name into such articles is that there is a chance Apple will show some concern. No such chance with MS under Balmer.
If Nintendo is not going live until at least the end of 2012, they are likely still in the planning stage. The difference between theory and reality is much greater in reality. At least they have a good model to copy.
The German judge has stated the others are just copies of an original. Apple needs to advertise how the copies are inferior.
2013 is a lifetime away in the tablet business. The rest of the systems would have to fall flat on their faces for a new product to stand a chance of success starting in 2013.
New Posts  All Forums: