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 This is why it is  ergonomically terrible. When you are standing, you can easily lean across and touch the screen without having to raise your arm up, however if you are sitting, you have to reach up and over to get to the higher parts of the screen. Especially if it is raised up a bit. I have a slight shoulder problem and there is no way I could ever work with a touch screen where I'd have to keep moving my hands up and away from the keyboard area. My question is, if you...
The fact that Sri was a BETA release should had prevented the lawsuits to ever be heard.
Is it odd that the phone resembles a Palm TREO? 
NIX the voice calling. It would be very annoying, but texting would be a nice feature.
They must have some wrong information in their system because the 27" base iMac comes with 3.2Ghz, not 2.9Ghz as listed.
  This statement is even more common for straight marriage as people often marry for fame, looks, money, and very often just political power. Very often you see political leaders marry their "Trophy Spouse.", and they live in a loveless marriage.
    And politics should stay out of LOVE.
Hmmm. I thought Anderson Cooper was the most powerful gay man.  My mistake. :)
Apple just needs a 10 second commercial showing a Windows 8 rt tablet with the printed words saying..... "I can't talk and I don't do REAL Windows"
Ballmer: "We will just keep making more versions of what we are not able to sell, until we find one that does."
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