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On the bright side, no one can say that Acer was an Apple copy-cat with this thing.
So if Gartner is correct, and Apple sells 118 million iPhones in 2012, at an average price of $625 (from AI Jan,18th 2011) then it means that poor lil Apple will have $73.75BILLION in iPhone sales. This doesn't include iPad sales. Poor doomed APPLE.
Great Point!
Not really. These are the developers that are writing apps that are not allowed on iOS devices, ie. Porn Apps, Racial Slurs, Homophobic, or just useless wallpaper apps.
Considering the fact that the iPhone4 was already 8 months old in February, this is pretty strong. I also suspect that many businesses that were tied to VZ, are starting to replace their aging Blackberrys for the iPhone and that should also increase momentum.
Apple should just buy Kodak, then sue all of the other phone manufacturers.
I wonder if this will let me stream over the radio stations in iTunes. I don't know why I can't do it on my iOS devices.
I just ordered a 32g, 3g refurbished iPad for $559.00 from the Apple store. This is $170.00 below the price of a new unit. I was hoping for a little more improvements with the iPad2, so by buying a discontinued refurbished model, I'll feel much better if a iPad3 comes out before years end. I have an iPhone4 so I don't really need a camera. This is a 23% savings for a refurbished unit that has a 1 year warranty. (note: the new same spec'd clearance model is $70 higher,...
I love a lot of the features that iOS4.2 offers for my iPhone and AppleTV2, but there is one feature that I would love to see, or rather hear. It would great to have the AppleTV have an option to stream the sound to the iPhone so I could watch a movie in the bedroom on the ATV2, but listen to the audio on my earphones on my iPhone. This would allow me to watch my programs without disturbing my better-half that is asleep next to me. The iPhone would act as a wireless...
I wonder how hard it would be to also add GPS in the Mac Notebook lines. This would make retrieval much easier if someone lost or had their notebook stolen. It can't cost too much as it is built into my Panasonic Lumix camera. It would be a welcome item to have to a more precise "Find my mac" feature. It would make the computer a bit more useful for location aware apps too.
New Posts  All Forums: