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Since you are being picky.... You probably meant "They're the kind of company..." instead of "Their the kind of company..." And maybe a fire under the "heels" instead of "heals." Only since you are being picky.
I bet Blankenship has a great collection of bright colored t-shirts.
I actually understand their policy. If they gave away free bumpers, this would be an admission of a defective product and if a lawsuit ever goes into effect, the judge would use Apple's goodwill efforts to appease just a few unhappy iPhone 4 owners, and turn it into a possible class action suit. In my past years of working with a major auto manufacturer and we were often told not to give any concession to a customer with a complaint to avoid a potential recall or lemon...
I don't think it is a corrosion problem because the band is Stainless steel, right? I believe it is a loose connection problem.
Makes sense. Apple is saving all of the white iPhones for Verizon. This way, you can tell the good guys from the bad guys. Verizon = White, AT&T = Black. Just a thought
I have tried ATT, Apple and the Store App and I cannot get past the processing stage.
It seems like ATT is once again the weak link in the order process. I try to order a phone and it keeps stalling when trying to process my ATT info. The app often crashes. I can't get past the ATT info screen. It won't work on the Apple Store Website as well.
I have been reading a lot on forums about the Iphone-4 and it is very evident that this is going to be a record-smashing sales hit. Because of the huge press that Apple got from the "lost Iphone", a lot of people that may have had only a casual interest in Apple's latest creation are now wanting this phone. The NBC affiliate station where I live actually was following engadget's blog on the air during Steve's WWDC keynote as it was taking place during our mid-day newscast....
I have an old palm Treo 650 and it's trade-in value was under $4.00. Just for kicks, I checked what the Palm Pre's trade in value is, and it pays a whopping $62.92 in best condition. Not much resale value for a phone that is barely 2 years old. My 16g Iphone is worth over twice that amount.
As many of you know, a lot of 3rd party companies have already announced their own iPhone-4 protectors. How were they able to announce them so fast? They probably had access to "dummy' iPhones that matched the final products dimensions, but had no guts to them. I would also assume that Apple would not bother putting in the same type of glass they use in the phone. Just plain plate glass and maybe just aluminum or other low cost bezel, since it is just a mock-up. This...
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