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As many of you know, a lot of 3rd party companies have already announced their own iPhone-4 protectors. How were they able to announce them so fast? They probably had access to "dummy' iPhones that matched the final products dimensions, but had no guts to them. I would also assume that Apple would not bother putting in the same type of glass they use in the phone. Just plain plate glass and maybe just aluminum or other low cost bezel, since it is just a mock-up. This...
You have another good point. We do not know everything that iOS4 will have. Since Apple has been sending notification to "widget" app developers that they will no longer be allowed, maybe there is something coming that will answer our desires for better notifications and widgets.
Not a bad idea. You are right, there is a lot of wasted real estate on that screen that could hold a few usable widgets.
I am very excited about the new iPhone 4. It is a substantial upgrade from my 2 year old 3g iPhone. I often read posts about how the Android phones are better than the iPhone and sometimes it seems like a huge rivalry. I am glad that there is healthy competition in the current smartphone market. If Palm or Android phones had not come out with some nice features, we may still be missing "cut and paste" and other features that Apple has added in the last year or so. Apple...
I have a Panisonic Lumix camera that records compressed 720p HD video with stereo. It will record 4 hours in 32 gigs of memory at it's highest quality setting. It uses an AVCHD Lite compression. I would assume Apple would have some comparable codec that would give similar results.
Actually, Apple and Intel are supposedly working on an optical connector that will serve several puroposes. Known as "Light Peak", 10GBS is the estimated speed. Should replace firewire, ethernet and maybe every other connector that requires very fast speed.
Earlier, someone mentioned that if the next iPhone will look like this, imagine how the next iPad will look. This makes me think that this is not what the new iPhone will look like. I think the new iPhone will look more like the new iPad. The aluminum trim around the iPad is beveled on the edges and I would think the new iphone will resemble this design. I can't imagine that the new iPhone will look so different from the just release iPad. I also think that the 2 screws on...
New Posts  All Forums: