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  You can't call the first statement a fact because you have no idea what the pricing will be. The Surface RT could be priced at $799 and that would not really be the "exact" same market. Also, since the Surface does not have LTE available, once again it isn't the exact same market. Unless they also buy an iPad and use it's hot spot feature to give the Surface WiFi access.   If anything the Surface RT would be in a similar market as the iPad.
The iPod touch is not a tablet. It uses the iPhone apps, not the iPad apps. The os is similar, but the apps are quite different between the two. If an 8" iPad mini came out, it would use the iPad apps and this would be a big difference between the touch.
    Except the iPOD touch is an iPOD, so it's very portable. You can jog with it, go to the gym with it, ride your bike with it, just put it in a pocket or armband and you're set. How silly will you look with a 7" tablet strapped to your arm at the gym. Also, the iPOD touch has a rear camera, which the Nexus 7 does not have. Not to mention it syncs perfectly with your other iOS and MAC OSX devices. I think you're short changing the advantages that the touch has. You can...
If this is true, it will backfire on Microsoft. They are showing a prototype that isn't practical, will not be able to be reasonably priced due to economies of scale and is nothing more than a Halo device that other manufactures won't be able to duplicate at a reasonable price.    It's not practical because it will likely have poor battery life, it can't be used as a laptop, just look at the side profile photo and try to imagine using that on your lap. If they aren't...
I'm not a germaphobe, but international flights, food, and touch screens sounds like a recipe for a very good sci -fi movie.
  Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. By my calculations, 100% would equal 21.673 million total units sold. That means the rest of the vendors sold 4.573 million units. That is an awfully high unit amount. I just can not see the remaining vendors selling that amount of tablets. I'd like to see the complete list.
To the person that didn't know what RT meant.    There will be two types of tablets.  One that uses intel chips, and will use Windows 8. Those tablets will supposedly be able to run current windows software. RT tablets will use the ARM chips. They will not be able to run current windows software. Only updated windows 8/metro software. Confused?   I can't remember what RT really stands for though.
  I was thinking the same thing, but you brought up even more points. I knew about the brittle aspect.
Every time I see a Ultrabook commercial I think of this.  
It is interesting that Apple have already sold more iPads in the first quarter than Google had predicted all Android tablets for the whole 2012 year.
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