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Actually, this may have happened, because the 9.2 million iPads sold were for the Apri-June quarter, and this was when there was the "mother of all backlogs" according to TIm Cook. While, RIMM's reported quarter is June- August. So, if we compare Apples most recent quarter that is about to end in 2 weeks, we may indeed see that iPads sales have exceeded Blackberry phone sales.
Thank you! I just left a message at this site. I encourage others to do the same!!
I wouldn't call $12.5B free. Also, Apple can still sue HTC, MOTO and Samsung. Some are already paying a MS tax.
So Google is set to spend roughly one third of the cash they have on hand, to pay a 63% premium for a company that has been losing money, just so they can have the patents. Me thinks they would had fared better if they partnered with someone and bought the Nortel patents instead. That was one very expensive move by Google to let that slip away. They could had just spent maybe 2.5 b if they partnered, but instead they are paying 5 times that amount.
I was out and about a few days ago, and there was this fellow sitting pretty close by using what I thought was an iPhone. It took a while, but I discovered that it was a Samsung Copyist model. I have no idea which model it was, but it took a good hard look to realized it wasn't an iPhone. I could see how people could get confused.
Wow, I am really gonna miss Keychain Sync. This has been a lifesaver. If I visit a site on my home computer and create an account with a password, it becomes available in Keychain on my laptop on the road. I don't have to write it down anywhere. I suppose I can send a copy of the keychain data to dropbox to sync between the 2. Does anyone know where this data is stored? and can the location be moved? Also, this is going to be much more expensive than the Mobile Me...
Yeah, I saw the advertisement last night on TV and I thought "What the F....?" Then I thought, "and the race to the bottom begins!!!" It is only mid Summer and already tablet manufacturers are slashing prices so they can get some traction for the holiday season. I know this is only suppose to be temporary, but buyers will hold out for the next "special weekend" once they know that deep discounts are possible. $379 on Amazon with no shipping or sales tax is a pretty good...
lol. That was kinda funny. kinda...
I wonder if the tablets have already been sent to Australia, they will be counted as SHIPPED!
That's a good point, however, compared to Apple's past iPhone release cycles, this does appear to be a delay. Not to say that Apple had ever published an iPhone product roadmap and target release dates. So, there may be a possible component delay, or maybe a feature will be implemented that was thought to be nixed. LTE?. Although, past announcement has almost always shown that Apple had been conservative on releasing some new-desired technology until they felt the time was...
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