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Wow, $200 million annually in revenue for a "hobby" device is pretty fantastic. I bet many other device manufacturers would love to have that much revenue on their "flagship" devices. Not to mention all of the after sales revenue thru iTunes for movie and TV rentals. It's pretty incredible. I really like my ATV and am looking forward to getting another one once they improve the specs in the future. I am hoping that they put an A5 chip in it and higher resolution would be...
Microsoft should be offended!! The nerve of someone copying Microsoft's copying Apple. Not to mention that these stores actually have customers in them.
You mean no one wants to watch Jennifer Lopez videos while watching a movie in the background at the same time? I never understood why Rim touted this.
So what I am getting out of this is that in just 13 months, 1 out of 12 adults already own a tablet? The tablet, meaning the iPad and then followed by others, came out in April 2010 right?
This post just goes to show that Microsoft made a big mistake by calling their phone os "Windows Phone 7." They were wanting to make the name of the phone's os sound like their windows, but it appears people are getting confused about the difference between Windows PHONE 7 and Windows 7. The ironic thing is that the phone os does not really use "windows" in their UI. Now that Windows 8 is being announced, people think this is also the phone os and people want to know if...
More like Done and Doing!!
Well, you forgot to include Smart Phones, Tablets, MP3 players, Media Centers, Songs, Movies, Apps and actual computers. Microsoft does sell more OS licenses to OEM compared to Apple which it doesn't bother with and they sell a lot of Xboxes at a loss, to sell games and online memberships.
Hate to correct you, but unless you have some stats to prove your statement, it has been reported that the pc market declined by 4% in the March 11 quarter. http://www.businessinsider.com/chart...AI_COTD_052711 It will be interesting to see what the June quarter for PC growth/retreat will be.
Is it just me, or does anyone else wonder how Samsung would benefit from the injunction to ban the imports of iPads and iPhones into the U.S. If they succeeded, wouldn't Samsung hurt themselves because they would lose all of their business from the chips in those products? It seems to me that Samsung will lose out either way, if some agreement isn't met before the decision.
Well this is good news. I'm glad that Apple is part of the consortium that won the bid. As much as I don't like Microsoft. I must give them some credit for making a phone os that is very different from iOS. It seems like Microsoft is at least respecting Apple's designs and doing what they can to avoid being an iOS "copyist" like Google and their OEM phone manufacturers. I don't believe that Apple has any issues with Sony/Ericsson phone, because once again, their phones do...
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