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Why does the home button still need to be so big? it could be smaller and thus the lower and upper space off the screen could be tighten up and the phone would physically be much smaller... They could easily get 1/2 inch if they did that...
there was tons of useless features presented ad wwdc but this one that really counts, had none
And that from a company that was founded by couple of potheads and acid takers... Just bad Apple, just bad!
A while back I said iOS needs this for productivity by either copy from Windows Tablet or make it's own implementation ... You shit all over me, now it's almost here. Way to go Apple!
 Whatever that means but don't compare productivity of iPad to MBA because it doesn't even come close...
No for me MBA is the definition of laptop. Portable computer that offers great portability and enough power to do most of the tasks on the go. It's light, slim and robust. I couldn't have find a better laptop then 13'' MBA. It's perfect!
The best laptop on the market, period! I wish it had a Retina display.
Looks perfect in size! I want one...
Looking forward to the BIG screen. Finally!!
Bale is one of the greatest actors in Holywood today. He would do gr8, as he knows how to play the character roles. Unlike Ashton Kutcher... he was terrible!
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