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I want this now!
Having a watch with battery that lasts less then a day sounds like another unnecessary pain in my life. Wont getting one unless they get at list 1 month of battery time. It's useless peace of art.
The Dark Side of the Moon tech
 Please go read what a luxury means. MacBooks and iPhones are definitely not that, just a premium tech product and that's why we love them... Hi end luxury market is what Apple is going for. But they are mad. It's not mass consumer market and people are different. Those guys won't stop buying Rolex... I will try the sport edition, but I will wait because it'll probably die in mountain environment just like normal phones do... So I'll probably just stick with my Suunto. And...
 Yes they are mad and no I am not jealous. I could actually afford one but I won't since it's completely unnecessary and shows everything that's wrong with our society today. It's a bad image for Apple in my opinion to go for the luxurious market. Last time I checked Apple was a consumer company not a luxurious brand like Rolex, Rolls Royce and so on... 
Apple has gone mad
Why does the home button still need to be so big? it could be smaller and thus the lower and upper space off the screen could be tighten up and the phone would physically be much smaller... They could easily get 1/2 inch if they did that...
there was tons of useless features presented ad wwdc but this one that really counts, had none
And that from a company that was founded by couple of potheads and acid takers... Just bad Apple, just bad!
A while back I said iOS needs this for productivity by either copy from Windows Tablet or make it's own implementation ... You shit all over me, now it's almost here. Way to go Apple!
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