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I'd like to ask an obvious question.   Why is this not solar powered? Solar cells can easily be placed under certain surfaces, like the black borders on screens.   How do I know this? My current solar powered watch.   Even if you are only able to fit a few photovoltaic cells, carrying it around with you should allow for a significant amount of power recharging or at the least minimize the DAILY charging requirement.   Sorry Apple but this Revision 1 of your watch...
 Oh, iCloud allows me to save 50GB media files and does so faster than a hard drive? I did not know that! Thanks for clearing that up.
"Breached" is certainly an interesting choice of words. They must be secretly referring to the security problems in LA with allowing iOS updates and the removal of mobileconfig profiles.
They had to make it free. MacOS segmentation was just killing us in IT. Now to find out what's compatible and what's not...
Those of you in the past few news items who have claimed it was IT's fault need to learn a bit.   Apple currently lets any MDM be deleted despite the passcode setting.    Apple does not give ability to prevent OS updates. Student updates OS, device no longer supervised for those who had it set up to be supervised.   It's sort of ridiculous, really. These are glaring holes.
 I mentioned this in the other post about LA schools, but there is a hole (bug?) in how Apple implemented MDM. There are two profiles installed with an MDM and while one is passcoded and can't be removed, the main one issued by the MDM company is easily removed with the click of the button. And when you remove that profile, both profiles are removed. This is a problem that Apple needs to fix. It's not the fault of any admin.
 Please see the responses above.
 I guarantee you they already know how; they just deployed several thousand devices. There is a security hole that allows the deletion of the second MDM profile regardless of the settings for the first profile.
And I will add that if the MDM profile is removed, the admins will get an email notice as mentioned above but it basically means the device will no longer show up on the tracking provided by the MDM software. That means iPads go missing and start showing up at pawn shops. They probably engraved them, but no big deal for someone who really wants an iPad.
New Posts  All Forums: