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 Context check…the original MBA had Micro-DVI which required an adapter, and one USB port. Ever try to do a presentation and find a Micro-DVI adapter?They quickly revised this model to include 2 USB ports and a Mini DisplayPort, to be more usable and more in line with other adapters offered by other Apple products.
I'll just say that this isn't (and shouldn't be) about hiring practices. It needs to be about providing all people education early on so that they are on equal footing. This is why you see a number of pre-school initiatives in states to try and close the achievement gap.   People from all backgrounds need equivalent exposure to educational opportunities.   Then, when hiring, the candidate pool will be more equal in their qualifications. Right now it feels like if we...
 Agreed. Shame on you AppleInsider.
One aspect that I think is important is that due to the age of the technology in question, the computers are no longer relevant. When these machines were relevant, Apple did not step up and make these repairs free of charge. With the time lapse, the cost to Apple is no doubt significantly less. As a result, those who suffered this problem should be entitled to an equivalent new computer.
I worked in advertising. I've never really liked the practice of showing someone else's product in an ad. It's like free advertising for them (in this case, Apple).   Look at a couple really successful ad campaigns for Apple:   1. 1984. Didn't show a PC, but showed PC users as miserable drones.   2. "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC". Didn't show a PC, but represented a PC user as being an uncool business type.   In this ad for a Microsoft product, we are seeing a MacBook Air...
 Will it call the police when you get mugged for wearing an easily recognizable $5000 watch?
Well, they just destroyed any interest I had in the film. I can't stand Seth Rogen.   Having seen and talked to Woz in person I can't understand why that casting choice was made.
I'd like to ask an obvious question.   Why is this not solar powered? Solar cells can easily be placed under certain surfaces, like the black borders on screens.   How do I know this? My current solar powered watch.   Even if you are only able to fit a few photovoltaic cells, carrying it around with you should allow for a significant amount of power recharging or at the least minimize the DAILY charging requirement.   Sorry Apple but this Revision 1 of your watch...
 Oh, iCloud allows me to save 50GB media files and does so faster than a hard drive? I did not know that! Thanks for clearing that up.
"Breached" is certainly an interesting choice of words. They must be secretly referring to the security problems in LA with allowing iOS updates and the removal of mobileconfig profiles.
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