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 If you have no interest at all in U2, it's annoying to scroll through your music collection on the iPhone and have U2 peppered in throughout your actual albums, songs, random playlists, etc. Just because it's free doesn't mean people want it on their device with the rest of the content they actually listen to. For example, how would you feel if you opened up your music player and magically a new Smash Mouth album was sitting in your list of music - don't worry it's for free.
Those specs are strangely specific, but I have real trouble seeing Apple sticking with such a low resolution for the 4.7". Doesn't make any sense. Article says "to maintain scalability with existing apps." - well what about the 'scalability' for the 5.5 version? You think they're going to release two new phones with different resolutions to 'help' developers? If they're going 1920x1080 on the 5.5, they will absolutely go 1920x1080 on the 4.7 as well. Over a year ago HTC...
Serious question, if the iPhone5C will cost 99 dollars on contract (presumably) - why would this be any more attractive to customers compared to the 'last gen' 99 dollar model of higher build quality that Apple has always had?   It's hard for me to see this going well tomorrow, it's just old hardware in a cheaper package. Apple is sacrificing their reputation and simply cutting corners to save a bit on their end, hoping new colors will cover that up? 
Question - I'm not familiar with the fingerprint scanning tech - is this possible to be white (and gold) as well as black? I'm curious if the homebutton for the White iPhone will now be black.
Good to know they will work on the icons. The only other thing that stood out to me is the rightmost image in this article, the way tabs are handled in safari. The 3D file system feels out of place with the rest of the OS, don't understand their thinking on that one. Reminds me of coverflow, which I never personally liked. Almost everything else looks great to me, cant wait to use it.
I miss version 10's browser. Artist browser column on the left, songs on the right. I honestly can't imagine how anyone uses the other views productively.
"but if I have to carry my key around just in case, what's the point?" Just imagine life goes on as it does now, you still carry a key, but entry is made easier.
Truthfully this makes Siri and other Apple apps look sort of bad. Core, basic usability, simplified, updated. Google's newer design is beautiful, clean, minimal, more functional, and they are actively doing more to roll out new features for users. I feel like as time goes on, Apple is realizing they bit off more than they can chew, most of their first party stuff is being done better by the competition. Siri, search, maps, podcasts, stocks, calendar, mail, notes, weather,...
There is an easy solution to this whole in-app purchasing thing. The problem: Kids click 'buy for 99c, buy for 99 c, buy for 99c', goes to ask dad for the password, screen only says 'enter password' and dad types it in. Ok. Until one day he clicks buy for 50$, buy for 99$. The enter password screen always looks the same for the dad. Why not show the item and price on the same screen where you enter a password? (like any other online checkout) Buy _____ for 50$? Enter...
If Apple doesn't do something fresh and interesting with iOS 7 I'll be switching to an Android device. The new HTC One is very impressive. I like the iPhone quite a bit but I haven't been excited about anything they've done for years, found iOS5 and iOS6 very boring, increasingly scattered design mentality, and making me wonder what they are even doing over there with all the talent in the world coming up with very little each year.
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